Trump Urges Continuation of Social Distancing Through April


As the number of coronavirus cases grows across the nation, President Donald Trump announced that Americans must remain separated in gatherings of less than 10 people through the end of April. Despite Trump’s initial hope to return to normalcy by Easter, businesses and schools continue to shut down as nonessential travel slows to a halt. 


Trump’s decision to extend social distancing comes amid calls to consider reopening the economy. Last week, Trump tweeted that “the cure [could not] be worse than the problem itself,” referring to the economic downturn resulting from business slowdowns. However, he has now readjusted his expectations for a path towards economic recovery by June 1. 


While Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker’s stay-at-home order was initially expected to end on April 7, he announced on Tuesday that Illinois would likewise continue the order until April 30 due to the severity of coronavirus cases and the state of medical care in Illinois. 

It remains unclear how federal and state guidelines will affect Stevenson’s decision to reopen school. As of now, students will continue remote learning through May 1, though the school is “planning assuming that the closure will last longer.”