Off-Campus, On-Screen

Off-Campus, On-Screen

Statesman explores ambiguity of free speech for students on social media
Kelly Liu May 28, 2021

  “F*** school, F*** softball, F*** cheer, F*** everything,” 14-year-old high school cheerleader Brandi Levy posted to her Snapchat story. With the mounting pressure of upcoming exams, club...

Streaming The Latest

Comparing and contrasting some of the top monthly subscription streaming platforms for television shows and movies.
Elyssa Gavenda April 13, 2021

Streaming services have started to take over television. People are beginning to no longer pay for cable and instead buy smart TV’s that include several different subscription and streaming services...

First-Hand Fatigue

Staffer describes personal experience of having COVID-19, urges social responsibility amidst vaccine rollout
Ojasvi Saxena April 2, 2021

On Saturday, I got back home after driving one and a half hours to my SAT Subject Test center. I was more tired than usual, but brushed that off to taking the exams.  Sunday morning, I woke up with...

“Music”: the Tone-Deaf Musical

Staffers review Sia’s failed directorial debut, time to do better for neurodivergence.
Aayushi Wadhawan and Kelly Liu March 18, 2021

For someone with nine Grammy nominations for songs discussing alcoholism and mental illness, nobody expected Sia to be tone-deaf towards the Autism community. Sia’s recent directorial debut movie “Music”...

2020 QuaranTrends

As Illinois approaches a year in quarantine, staffers review four popular 2020 trends.
Serena Mehta and Sailaja Nallacheruvu March 16, 2021

March: March, Myself and TV!  Around exactly a year ago, quarantine began in Illinois and most people were blindsided. With no plans and the fact that teachers were still trying to figure out how to...

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Is this metaphysical musical narrative another white-savior movie?
Lily Jiang March 16, 2021

Besides probing out your brains trying to reconcile your Freudian repressed existential questions, through the limited language of animation, Peter Hans Docter’s Soul speaks directly to our society....

It’s No Mystery: We Must Stop Avoiding the Intricacy in History

Statesman urges a more encompassing, current history curriculum despite possible challenges
Vaasu Kakuturu February 21, 2021

History classes consist of more than just the stereotypical memorization of dates and monotonous lectures; instead, they educate students on underlying political arrangements, economic conditions and power...

To Kill a Mockingbird or To Kill the Love of Reading? That Is The Question

The Good, The Bad, and The So-Bad-They-Took-It-Out-Of-The-Curriculum
Sophia Ismail and Tia Vasudeva February 19, 2021

When the Emperor Was Divine: A Story on Ignored History - Sophomore English Accelerated  Julie Utsuka’s When the Emperor Was Divine centers around an unnamed Japanese American family as they faced...

Politician, not Providence

Staffer discusses dangers of glorifying politicians, advocates for awareness
Collin Fan February 19, 2021

On January 20, Donald Trump's presidency came to an end. After over two months of conspiracy theories, violent protests against baseless claims of election fraud and a deadly riot at the Capitol, the Trump-election...

A New Normal

Stevenson High School administration leads transition to hybrid model following implementation of COVID mitigation strategies.
Sailaja Nallacheruvu and Jasmine Sun February 14, 2021

After completing the entirety of first semester in remote learning, Stevenson High School transitioned to the hybrid learning model on January 19, two weeks after the start of the second semester. The...

The Evolution of School: The Hybrid Model

Statesman highlights the positives of the new in-person learning opportunity
Humza Qazi and February 14, 2021

As of January 19, Stevenson students faced what can only be described as a monumental decision: whether or not to return to in-person learning as part of the second semester hybrid plan. A number of...

Six Cupid-Approved Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts can be hard to navigate. Here are six different gift ideas and advice on how to make them the best gifts for your significant other, friend or family member.
Alison Wade and Mackenzie Wren February 10, 2021

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