Breaking News: Democrats win both Georgia Senate seats

Breaking News: Democrats win both Georgia Senate seats
Ossoff, Warnock win Georgia runoffs, Democrats control Congress and Executive
January 11, 2021

As ballots were counted in the aftermath of the November election, it was clear that President-elect Joe Biden would take the White House in January, and the Democrats would hold the House. However, the...

Reopening Readiness

Stevenson administration outlines reopening plans for second semester in November 9 webinar
December 3, 2020

On November 9, the Stevenson administration hosted a webinar for parents and students detailing reopening plans for second semester. Principal Troy Gobble and Superintendent Eric Twadell led viewers through...

“Blue Ribbon” Victors

Democrats win in the Federal, State and Lake County elections
December 3, 2020

Order in the Court

December 1, 2020

Back to school… in October

New Trier begins transition to in-person learning, Stevenson remains online.
November 5, 2020

On October 6, Said Aydin ’23, a student at New Trier High School, entered the building for the first time in months for class. Six days later, 11 students had tested positive, and Aydin, and all other...

Pushing and Pulling for In-Person Learning

As local high schools begin to reopen, parents, students urge Stevenson to follow
November 5, 2020

  On October 12, parents and students gathered at Stevenson High School to rally for in-person learning, their latest push in a series of efforts to reopen the school. While Stevenson is still...

Rebuild and Renovation

Stevenson adapts classrooms, athletic facilities during COVID-19 pandemic
November 4, 2020

Portions of buildings are left virtually unrecognizable as they enter their own version of a cocoon: construction. After several months, what emerges isn’t a revamped and rejuvenated butterfly; rather,...

2020 Presidential Election Running Updates

This is a running updates page. As results arrive, you can find more information by refreshing this article. 
November 4, 2020

November 4, 1:34 p.m.: Biden wins Wisconsin, Trump campaign to request recount As of 1:30 p.m., the New York Times has reported that Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes will go to Democratic candidate...

Mail-in Mayhem

Information to know about mail-in voting in Lake County, thoughts from a member of SHS Political Action Club.
November 3, 2020

  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols for mail-in voting have been put into place in Lake County in order to provide a safer alternative to in-person voting. All states across the...

Ban Block for TikTok

Ban Block for TikTok
Judge blocks Trump TikTok ban after appeal
November 2, 2020

On October 30, President Trump’s executive order banning the social media app TikTok was blocked by a Pennsylvania judge’s preliminary injunction. This decision was in response to the app’s appeal...

Final Presidential Debate: The Last Attempt at Turning the Tide

Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump
(licensed under Creative Commons) Courtesy of Kaos en la Red
Statesman breaks down views on COVID-19, National Security, Health Care, Immigration, Race and Climate Change
November 2, 2020

On Thursday, October 22, the final presidential debate was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, between Former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden and current Republican President,...

Biden Town Hall: Clarification and compromise

Biden Town Hall: Clarification and compromise
Statesman breaks down topics covered at Biden’s Town Hall, including Biden’s past, his plans for the country’s problems, and his views on the current administration
October 21, 2020

On Thursday, October 15, former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden fielded questions from voters in a televised town hall discussion. The town hall, which was originally supposed...

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