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Inducting the New Board

Senior Class Board
The newly appointed Senior Class Board executives stand for a group picture with their certificates and sponsor Jane Caballero. The newly appointed board will officially take over at the start of the summer.

The 2024 – 2025 Student Government was celebrated at the Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, April 10 in the West Auditorium. The ceremony, which began at 6pm, consisted multiple speeches before inducting the students in their role for the next year 

The opening speech delivered by the Student Activities Coordinator David Eddy was followed by speeches from the current Student Council President Farid Sofiyev ’24 and Senior Class President Mark Gingiss ’24. The Class of 2027 sponsor Adam Kehoe began the induction procedure by calling the students to the stage to receive their certificate.

“The induction ceremony is for the students who were running for office and won their positions, and also any students that were picked by the sponsors to be representatives for the club,” Kehoe said. “The ceremony is a very special event for them to be inducted into this [community].” 

Anushkka Dhawan ’27 agreed with Kehoe on the importance of this ceremony. At the ceremony, Dhawan was inducted as next year’s Sophomore Class President after winning her position during the election before Spring Break. 

“It’s important for parents to know what their kids are doing in school,” Dhawan said. “I [also] think students need to [get] some appreciation, because a lot of students worked really hard for the elections and to get onto board.”

The Student Government is responsible for planning many of the major events at Stevenson such as Homecoming, Winterfest, and Spring Fling. Mythri Pidaparti `26, a Student Council executive board member, believes that it is important for students to plan these events.  

“At the end of the day, our school needs people that are the same age as [the students] to put a fair say into the decisions being made,”  Pidaparti said. 

Dan Miller, sponsor of the Class of 2026’s board, believes that Student Government is also beneficial to the students participating and not just the school. Students learn valuable lessons from student government, according to Miller. 

“It helps students build confidence in themselves and to learn about how to work with other people,” Miller said.  “They also learn how to build a better community. We give them opportunities to learn and grow so they can continue to do that beyond our high school.”

The Induction Ceremony highlighted the importance of Student Government, and their newfound responsibilities. Many of the teachers, including Kehoe, believe that night didn’t solely highlight the students’ achievements.

“It was nice to see the family support that’s here for the students, because that’s what really helps them be who they are,” Kehoe said.

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