The SMARTDesk has adopted new safety equipment, including plexiglass, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipe dispensers.

The SMARTDesk Remains Smart

SMARTDesk Team remains open, maintaining safety protocols
Pooja Jain and Myles Woodman March 16, 2021

On March 13, 2020, while every Stevenson student and faculty member was heading home to attend school remotely, the SMARTdesk team was making plans to operate even during the pandemic, with numerous safety...

A Stevenson student works during his seventh period class while wearing a mask and being separated by a divider. The hybrid model has been a new experience for many students after nearly a year virtually.

The Beginnings of a Hopeful Hybrid Experience

As Stevenson enters its second month of hybrid learning, students weigh the benefits, limitations of the model
Dylan Barbee, Myles Woodman, and Victoria Feng March 11, 2021

As Hadi Andrabi ’22 walked into Stevenson High School for the first time since last March, staff members asked to see his passed Daily Health Check on his phone in order to determine if he could attend...

Adjusted Advisory

Advisory moves to only Wednesdays to accommodate hybrid schedule
Anika Krishnaswamy and Madeline Schmitke February 22, 2021

The smiling faces of Freshman Mentors (FMPs) greet Medha Mamidipaka ’24 as she logs onto Zoom for advisory. during her lunch period. Throughout the period, the mentors and supervising counselor provide...

Hybrid Harmonies

Hybrid Harmonies

How Stevenson's band, choir and orchestra classes have adapted to the current Hybrid Model
Elyssa Gavenda and Natalie King February 21, 2021

As the bell signaling the start of seventh period rings, Lora Lewis ’22 rushes into the choir room and sets her backpack down at her seat. After wiping down her spot and making sure her mask is secure...

Transition to Transition

Transition to Transition

Student clubs at Stevenson adapt to new hybrid schedule.
Kelly Liu and Olivia Han February 19, 2021

Every fall, Diversity Council decorates the halls of Stevenson with international flags and culinary delicacies for the World’s Fair, an annual opportunity for students to showcase and appreciate various...

A Month To Remember

A Month To Remember

BASS shares knowledge with the Stevenson community on Black History Month, emphasizes need for greater cultural inclusivity and education.
Jasmine Sun and Surya Sethi February 18, 2021

Although the month of February is often characterized as the “month of love” by extravagant Valentine’s Day celebrations, Jade Cadichon ’21 hopes to shine a light on a different reason for celebration,...

Rewiring the Current

Rewiring the Current

Teachers tie current events, including January 6 Insurrection, into class curriculums
Lance Locker and Melissa Liu February 17, 2021

On January 7, silence and focus plagued English teacher Dean Bradshaw’s second period AP Literature classroom. Students weren’t panicked taking a test, frantically writing notes, nor were they preoccupied...

Bus Upon a Time: How Buses Work Will During a Global Pandemic

A look into what bussing will be like for the new Patriot Hybrid Schedule
Mackenzie Wren and Ally Flynn February 16, 2021

As the eighth period bell rings, students flow into the hallways; excited chatter bounces off the walls as they walk to their buses to head home after a long day of schoolwork. Buses were a way for students...

To Be or Not to Be (at Home): That is The Question

Students and parents voice their thoughts on the new hybrid model
Tia Vasudeva and Alison Wade February 14, 2021

Allison Gould ’23 wakes up to her alarm blaring at eight in the morning. She presses snooze for ten more minutes, falling back into her bed with a sigh. Class doesn’t start for 35 more minutes, and...

The Nuts and Bolts of Science Seminar

The Nuts and Bolts of Science Seminar

In the new Patriot Hybrid Schedule, Stevenson extends AP science periods
Kelly Liu and Helen Oriatti-Burns February 10, 2021

The school bell blares, signaling the end of seventh period. Evelyn Jiang ’22 skims her AP Biology homework assignment, organizes her data and clicks out of the digital lab. While the teacher is ending...

Hidden Help

Hidden Help

Student support groups help those in need
Aayushi Wadhawan and Sabrina Xue February 9, 2021

Angela Miller ’21 used to close her eyes in resignation as the final bell rang. Students around her chatted excitedly as they packed up their belongings, while Miller readied herself for another uncomfortable...

Stevenson’s Spectacular Speakers

Stevenson Styler, Animal Welfare, Sports Broadcasting Club host guest speakers, club members gain professional knowledge and inspiration.
Natalie King and Surya Sethi February 2, 2021

Mary Restis ’23 logged onto a Zoom call for an Animal Welfare Club meeting on Tuesday, October 13, at 3:30 p.m. Instead of a usual meeting, the club had a guest speaker that day: Paula Fasseas, the founder...

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