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Ojasvi Saxena


Ojasvi is a senior and this year’s Editor-in-Chief. As a third-year returning staffer, she values writing for Statesman because of the unique opportunity Statesman has to provide a platform for the multitude of perspectives that exist within the Stevenson community. Outside of Statesman, you can find her on the debate team and in a freshmen advisory as a FMP!

managing editor - Print

Bradley Locker

Bradley is a senior and one of the Managing Editors of Production. He loves that Statesman mimics a professional newspaper and actively strives to inform the Stevenson community. Outside of Statesman, he helps lead clubs like Sports Broadcasting Club, Freshman Mentor Program, Sports Analytics Club and Table Tennis Club, not to mention writes about professional sports for several sites.
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Katie Lee

Managing Editor - Web

Lily Jiang


Lily is a senior and this is her third year on staff! Outside of Statesman, she’s a passionate journalist, creative writer, competitive skater, and an avid student!

Managing Editor - Web

Olivia Han

Olivia is a senior and one of the Managing Editors of Web. When not writing for Statesman, she can be found listening to music, eating green tea ice cream, or binge-watching movies.

Vaasu Kakuturu

Vaasu is a junior and second-year staffer. When not writing for Statesman he enjoys playing soccer or being involved in Diversity Council.

Melissa Liu

Melissa is a senior and Statesman’s Managing Editor of Design. Her favorite part of Statesman is the close community it builds. Besides writing and designing for the Statesman, she likes to read, listen to music, and play the piano and violin.
Copy Editor

Natalie King


Natalie King is a junior and this is her second year on staff. Outside of Statesman, Natalie participates in NHS, Free the Children, and is on Stevenson’s dance team.

COPY Editor

Serena Mehta

Serena Mehta

Serena is a senior this year and will be one of the copy editors for the Statesman. She joined Statesman because she has such a strong passion for writing and sharing her opinions and she feels as though the Statesman gives her the outlet to do so. Outside of class, she plays volleyball for the school varsity team as well as a club/travel team and she is an FMP. Outside of school she loves to travel to new places, try new foods, and spend lots of time with her family and friends.


Victoria Feng


Victoria is a junior and serves as News Editor for web. Outside of Statesman, she’s involved in Mock Trial, Peer Tutors, and NHS. Victoria has written for many publications, including Women’s Health, New York Magazine, Digital Trends, SFGate, StyleCaster, Observer, and SheKnows.

News EDITOR - print

Humza Qazi


This is Humza’s second year as a staff member at Statesman, where he is the print news editor. Outside of Statesman, he is an avid taekwondo student, instructor, and competitor and participates in Diversity Council, FIRE Club, and Debate at Stevenson.

Opinions editor - web

Bayarmaa Bat-erdene

Bayarmaa loves being a member of the Statesman because she believes journalism is vital to a community and she thinks it’s an honor to work alongside such talented and inspiring fellow journalists. Outside of Statesman she is involved in volleyball, track & field, student council, and Super Joey.
Opinions EDITOR - Print

Jasmine Sun


Jasmine enjoys being a part of Statesman because of the close-knit community and collaboration, and this is her second-year being on staff. Outside of Statesman, she spends her time running, reading, and making desserts. In the future, Jasmine wants to go into Sociology and currently also helps run Stevenson’s Psychology Club.

FEature Editor - Web

Sailaja Nallacheruvu


Sailaja is a 2nd year staffer and a senior. She joined Statesman because she enjoys writing and being able to share important information with the world. Outside of Statesman, she’s also involved with Debate, Peer Tutors, and Taekwondo.

features editor - print

Lila Maiolo

Lila loves writing and values the role of journalism in a community. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in several activities such as Student Council and Peer Tutors.
Sports editor - web

Griffin Brown

This is Griffin’s second year on staff this year. He is one of the sports editors and is very excited to be working in the section. Outside of Statesman, he participates in swimming and water polo. He likes watching soccer and basketball and enjoys comedy TV shows.
sports editor - print

Greycen Ren


Greycen is a junior this year, and this is his second year on staff. Outside of Statesman, he enjoys watching soccer games, playing video games with his friends, and learning about science.


Sophia Ismail


Sophia is a sophomore and a staffer on the Statesman. She loves to read and write news and buys too many fantasy novels. Outside of Statesman, she is part of Model UN, and Stevenson’s feminism club.

Marketing director

Pooja Jain

Pooja is a second-year staffer and she’s really excited to publish great stories for viewers to read. She joined Statesman because she has a passion for sharing her ideas through discussion and writing, and Statesman allows her to do just that. Outside of Statesman, she’s involved in Debate, FMP, and HOSA.
social media manager

Myles Woodman

Myles is a 2nd-year writer for Statesman. Some hobbies he enjoys include listening to music and hanging out with friends.
Staff Reporter

Dylan Barbee


Dylan Barbee is a junior at Stevenson High school and joined Statesman because he has a passion for writing. Outside of class he likes watching sports and talking about politics.

staff reporter

Helen Oriatti-Burns


Helen is a sophomore who enjoys reading, writing creatively, and educating people about bats. She is also in Stevenson’s French Club, Lean in Feminism Club, and Breakfast with Books.

Staff Reporter

Thea Surya


Thea is a junior and first-year staffer on the Statesman. She loves how journalism allows her to report topics she is interested in and to do so in different styles of writing. Outside of Statesman, she is a part of the Stevenson tennis team, Cultural Cuisine Club, and Girl Scouts.

staff reporter

Dwija Ramesh


Dwija Ramesh is a junior and she loves being on Statesman. In her free time, she listens to a lot of music, draws, reads, cooks, and hangs out with her younger brother and her friends, whom she loves. She is a huge Marvel and Harry Potter fan and she likes the comics as well as the movies. Dwija really likes being in Food Revolution, Calligraphy Club, Kiva, and German Honor Society.

staff reporter

Mackenzie Wren

Wren (1)

Mackenzie is a senior and is pumped to be on the Statesman staff this year. She participates in both softball and gymnastics and loves to do carpool karaoke.

staff reporter

Sabrina Xue


Sabrina Xue is a junior in Stevenson High School who enjoys playing sports such as tennis outside of school. She joined Statesman because she enjoys creative writing and reporting. Although nobody really asked, she really likes lychees and mangos.

Staff reporter

Kelly Liu

Kelly is a sophomore and first-year staffer. She’s excited to listen to and write about different perspectives in and out of Stevenson. Outside of Statesman, she’s involved in FBLA, Model UN, The Wit, and Peer Tutors.
staff reporter

Lance Locker


Lance is a sophomore Statesman staff writer who enjoys persuasive opinion writing, along with sports and politics. Outside of class, he is a leader in various business clubs and likes to learn about the sciences.

staff reporter

Elyssa Gavenda

Hi my name is Elyssa Gavenda and I am a Junior. I love expressing my ideas and writing about hot debated topics that are important. Outside of the Statesman, I am involved with clubs like Stevenson Styler and Print Media Club.
staff reporter

Collin Fan


Collin Fan is a sophomore and staffer at Statesman. He is excited to start writing with the Statesman this year, and enjoys the interviewing, writing, and designing that Statesman has to offer. Outside of Statesman, he enjoys biking, playing piano, and sleeping.

staff reporter

Alison Wade


Alison is a junior. This is her first year on staff and she’s excited to help produce and provide news through the Statesman!

staff reporter

Gaurish Lakhanpal


Gaurish is a part of Statesman this year because he believes that the student populous should be educated about current developments around the world. He firmly believe in analyzing stories from all angles and offering a non-biased, but informative point of view on topics. Aside from this, he love programming, fountain pens, and mechanical keyboards.

staff reporter

Ally Flynn


Ally writes for Statesman because it’s a good way to be involved in the Stevenson community and she loves to write. Outside of school she does gymnastics and loves spending time with family and friends.

staff reporter

Aayushi Wadhawan


Aayushi is a sophomore and a first year staffer on Statesman. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in HOSA and Key Club.

staff reporter

Matthew Mcgowan

Matt joined Statesmen because he loves to read and journalism, especially when the subject is sports. Outside of class, he plays baseball, does bowling and is a Life Scout in his Scout Troop. One interesting fact is that he has been to 25 US states and 17 National Parks.
staff reporter

Shannon Moser


Hi, this is Shannon Moser, a sophomore. Joining Statesman has been such a great experience — reading and writing are what she’s always enjoyed. Outside of Statesman, you can find her running outside, listening to music, playing with her pets, or eating pasta.

staff reporter

Hannah Yu

Hannah Yu is a sophomore and first year staffer for Statesman! Outside of Statesman, she’s involved with Debate and Peer Helpers.

staff reporter

Raghav Khosla


Raghav is a junior and a first year staffer on Statesman and is really excited to join the team! He throughly enjoys not only writing but reading journalism, especially sports journalism. Outside of Statesman, Raghav runs a Youtube channel about the NBA and is a member of Junior Class Board!

staff reporter

Anika Krishnaswamy


Anika Krishnaswamy is currently a sophomore and this is her first year on Statesman. She joined because she has a fondness for reading and writing and can be found doing much of the same in her free time.

staff reporter

Malini Pillai


Malini Pillai is a current junior and a first-year writer at Statesman this year. She loves writing in all sorts of genres, and outside of Statesman, she does Peer Helpers, HOSA, and kickboxing.

staff reporter

Surya Sethi


Hi! My name is Surya and I’m a sophomore this year! Outside of the Statesman I participate in Model UN, Peer Helpers, FTC, and I dance!

staff reporter

Tia Vasudeva


Tia Vasudeva is a junior and a first year staffer. She values Statesman for its ability to provide a platform for all things news and new.

staff reporter

Advay Voleti


Hi I’m Advay Voleti, I am a sophomore this year. I wasn’t too fond of writing at first but found a passion for it at Statesman and love being involved in current world topics. You can find me participating in Soccer, HOSA, and FDA!

staff reporter

Madeline Schmitke


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