Dean Bradshaw


That’s me!


Vaasudeva Kakuturu


Vaasu is a senior and third-year staffer. When not writing for Statesman he enjoys hanging out with friends or being involved in Diversity Council.

managing editor - Magazine

Greycen Ren


Greycen is a senior and a Managing Editor of Magazine for Statesman this year. Outside of Statesman, he enjoys learning about the science in the world around him, especially from a biological perspective. Greycen also enjoys watching soccer games on the weekends, even though he may be a little grouchy for waking up in the morning.

Managing Editor - Magazine

Jasmine Sun


Jasmine is currently a senior at Stevenson and this is her third year on staff. Her favorite part of being in Statesman is the opportunity to report on meaningful stories, as well as the close-knit community of staffers. Outside of the Statesman, Jasmine is involved in Psychology Club as well as the Freshman Mentor Program. In her free tine, she enjoys going on walks with her dog and exploring new music.

Managing Editor - Production



Bayarmaa is a senior, third-year staffer, and the managing editor of production. Outside of Statesman she’s involved in volleyball, track & field, Super Joey, FMP, and making Spotify playlists. She loves being on the Statesman because it connects her to the community and to the staff.

Managing Editor - Production

Humza Qazi

Humza 1

This is Humza’s third year on Statesman as a staff writer, where he is the Managing Editor of Production (MEP.) Outside of Statesman, he is a 4th Degree Master of Taekwondo and international competitor, as well as a member of F.I.R.E. and Diversity Council.

Managing EDITOR - Web

Griffin Brown


Griffin Brown is a returning staffer for the 3rd year in a row. This year, he is one of the two Managing Editors of Web. In his free time, he loves watching sports and listening to music and podcasts. Griffin is a swimmer and water polo player for Stevenson. He likes hanging out with friends and playing with his dog.


Victoria Feng


Victoria is a senior and third-year Statesman staffer. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in Peer Tutors and freelance journalism.

managing editor - design

Collin Fan


Collin is a junior and a second year staffer. Joining Statesman has been the greatest choice of his high school career because of the amazing community it builds and its impact on the student body. Outside of Statesman, you can find him playing piano, going outside, or reading about rocket engines.

Managing editor - design

Sophia Ismail


Sophia is a senior at Stevenson. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in Model UN and SHS Feminism Club.


Aayushi Wadhawan


Aayushi is a junior and this year’s news editor. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in HOSA, Peer Tutors, and Key Club.


Alison Wade


Alison’s a senior and glad to return to Statesman. She likes to spend time outdoors and with friends and family.

Opinions editor

Ally Flynn

Ally 1

Statesman is what Ally looks forward to everyday since it’s not only just a club, but also a family. She’s excited to be an opinions editor! In her free time, she loves to read and listen to music.

Opinions EDITOR

Malini Pillai

Malini 2

Malini is a current senior and an opinions editor for the Statesman. She loves writing in all sorts of styles, and outside of Statesman, she is involved with Key Club, HOSA, kickboxing, and Peer Helpers.

FEature Editor

Kelly Liu

Kelly 2

Kelly is a junior and second-year staffer. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in Peer Tutors and Model UN.

features editor

Lance Locker


Lance is a junior Statesman staffer who enjoys passionate opinion writing, researching and writing about current events, as well as highlighting achievements within the Stevenson community. In his free time he enjoys watching and playing sports, exploring the sciences, learning about automobiles, and pursuing startup ventures.

Sports editor

Dylan Barbee


Dylan is a senior at Stevenson and a sports editor for Statesman. He enjoys traveling, watching sports, and listening to music and podcasts.

sports editor

Matt McGowan


Matt enjoys to play and watch sports, especially baseball, bowling, and football. He always finds time for Star Wars and Marvel content and loves to be outside camping, hiking, and biking.


Anika Krishnaswamy


Anika is a junior at Stevenson this year and is one of the copy editors for Stevenson! She is excited for her second year on staff. Outside of Statesman she enjoys reading (especially historical fiction and fantasy), eating, and sleeping.

Copy editor

Helen Oriatti-Bruns


Helen is a junior in her second year on staff. Outside of Statesman, she participates in French Club, Breakfast with Books, Lean In Feminism Club, and Peer Tutors.

copy editor

Surya Sethi


Surya is a junior and a copy editor editor on Statesman! Outside of Statesman she is in Model UN, Peer Helpers, Law Club, NHS, and she dances!

Copy editor

Sabrina Xue


Sabrina Xue is a copy editor interested in journalism, computer science, and business. She’s a second year staffer who also plays tennis and gets boba everyday after school.

in-depth coordinator

Dwija Ramesh


Dwija Ramesh is a senior and she loves being on Statesman. In her free time, she listens to music, reads, does karate, and hangs out with her younger brother and her friends. She is a huge Marvel and Harry Potter fan and she likes the books as well as the movies. Dwija really likes being in Food Revolution, German Honor Society, Peer Tutors, NHS, and volunteering at her library.

graphics editor

Shannon Moser


Shannon Moser, a graphics editor, is a second-year staffer for the Statesman. She appreciates the opportunity to share the voices of Stevenson students while working alongside other journalists. Outside of Statesman, she runs track and cross country and plays clarinet in the marching band.

graphics editor

Thea Surya


Thea is a senior and second-year staffer on the Statesman. She loves how journalism allows her to report on topics she’s interested in and to do so in different styles of writing. Outside of Statesman she is a part of the Stevenson tennis team, Cultural Cuisine Club, and Girl Scouts.

multimedia Editor

Raghav Khosla


Raghav Khosla is a senior and the Multimedia editor of Statesman. Raghav enjoys podcasting and is looking forward to a great year in multimedia news! Outside of Statesman, Raghav is involved with FMP, Class Board, and his own YouTube Channel about the NBA.

Marketing director

Natalie King


Natalie is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She is a marketing director for the Statesman. Outside of Statesman, Natalie is involved in National Honors Society, Free the Children, French Club, and dance classes.

marketing director

Gaurish Lakhanpal


Gaurish Lakhanpal is a junior and has been a staffer for two years in a row. He watches TV, listens to music, and ponders the profound questions of life. (If cows could fly would we still milk them?) Gaurish also does Model UN and enjoys reading about current events and politics.

staff reporter

Nick Corso


Nick is a first year staffer for the Statesman and is excited to be fully engaged this year. In school Nick participates in Sports Broadcasting Club, Sports Analytics Club, and Transfer Buddies. Along with those clubs, Nick also plays varsity lacrosse on the defensive side, and enjoys watching the NFL and NBA.

staff reporter

Angela Guo


Angela is a sophomore and first-year staffer. She’s excited to take Statesman because it offers the opportunity to listen and report diverse perspectives around Stevenson. Outside of Statesman, she’s involved in Orchestra, Science Olympiad, and Math Team. 😀

staff reporter

Jennifer Huang


Jenny is a sophomore and a first-year staff writer for the Statesman. She looks forward to being able to interview and write about different perspectives within the school community. Outside of reporting and designing for Statesman, she enjoys researching new topics, reading, writing, and playing the piano.

staff reporter

Sriya Mamidanna


Sriya Mamidanna is a sophomore and a staffer on the Statesman. She is really excited to start writing with Statesman this year, and loves reading, writing, and researching! Outside of Statesman, she loves biking, hanging out with her friends, and more.

staff reporter

Dayna Roberts


Dayna is a first year Statesman staffer and reporter. In her free time, Dayna reads, writes, and participates in various sports. She is very excited to see what this year brings.

staff reporter

Kyla Smith

Kyla 1

This is Kyla! She enjoys running, reading, and of course, writing. Kyla is super excited for her first year on Statesman because she has grown to love the journalistic style, and can’t wait to work with everyone on the staff.

staff reporter

Ava Winber


Ava is a first year staff writer and a current sophomore at Stevenson. Outside of Statesman, Ava likes to spend time with family and friends, play field hockey, and volunteer in her community. She is very excited to be a part of the team this year and collaborate with others.

staff reporter

Nicole Yao


Nicole is a sophomore and a first year staffer. Outside of Statesman, she enjoys playing badminton and squash, as well as binging Netflix. This year, she hopes to meet new people and write from a different perspective.

staff reporter

Elizabeth Yuan


Elizabeth is a sophomore and first-year staffer. Outside of Statesman, she likes drawing, writing, and listening to music.

staff reporter

Sarah Zhang


Sarah is a junior and first-year staffer. She appreciates the opportunity Statesman provides to engage with different perspectives. When she is not reading or writing, she participates in Debate and Write Club.

staff reporter

Vivian Zhu


Vivian is a sophomore and first-year staffer. She’s excited to write about diverse perspectives in the Stevenson community. Outside of Statesman, she can be found on the Debate team, Write Club, and Peer Helpers.

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