Dean Bradshaw


That’s me!


Dylan Hu


Hi! I’m Dylan Hu, a senior and the editor-in-chief of Statesman this year. I value writing for Statesman because we can share our views in a professional and engaging way. Outside of Statesman, you can find me on the debate team, math team, or reading the news about politics.

managing editor - MAGAZINE

Anjini Grover

jini copy

Hello! I’m Anjini Grover (Jini) and I’m a senior and managing editor of newspaper magazine. I love writing and being involved in Statesman. Outside of Statesman, I am involved in Class Board, Diversity Council and Kiva.

MAnaging Editor - MAGAZINE

Ben Bowler


Ben is a senior and second year staffer.

Managing Editor-Web

Trisha Patel

Trisha copy

Hi! I’m Trisha Patel and I am a senior and this year’s Managing Editor of Web. I love being involved in Statesman because it allows our student body to learn from various voices and perspectives. Outside of Statesman I participate in various service activities such as Rotary Youth Club, and play the piano.


Ayla Dursun


Ayla is a senior and second year staff member. When not writing for Statesman she enjoys spending time in nature and making jewelry.


Alex Gergova


Alexandra is a senior and second year staffer who enjoys writing and being able to collaborate with others.  Outside of Statesman, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Lola.

Managing Editor-PRODUCTION

Cheryl Chen


 Hi everyone! My name is Cheryl Chen and I am a senior and the Managing Editor of Production this year. I love journalism because I believe that the school newspaper is fundamental to highlighting the voices of people that might otherwise go unheard. Outside of Statesman, I am also involved in the Wit (the school’s literary magazine), FMP, and Best Buddie


Nellie Maloney


Hi! My name is Nellie Maloney and I’m a senior and web editor this year. I really love telling stories through journalism and being able to share my own voice. Outside of Statesman, I am a diver and ice cream aficionado.

web editor

Olivia Han


Hi! My name is Olivia Han and I am the web editor for Statesman this year. Outside of Statesman, I am involved in clubs like Peer Tutors and HOSA.

Sports Editor

Bradley Locker


Hi! I’m Bradley, a junior and the Sports Editor for the Statesman. I love that Statesman truly mimics a professional newspaper and allows students to further their leadership skills! Outside of Statesman, I am a member of the Debate team, broadcast Stevenson sporting events with Sports Broadcasting Club, and am part of the Table Tennis team and Freshman Mentor Program.

Features EDITOR

Caimin Xi


Hi! I’m Caimin Xi and I am a senior. I am so excited to be the features editor this year and I look forward to find heartwarming and insightful stories to tell about our community. Outside of Statesman, I love to run cross country, conduct science research, and create community through FMP!

Opinions editor

Janice Lee


Hi! I’m Janice Lee. I’m a senior and the Opinions Editor! I love being a part of Statesman and firmly believe that writing to inform people and encouraging flow of conversation is essential in any student body. Outside of Statesman, I’m part of Youth and Government, Model U.N., Calligraphy Club, and I teach Korean to elementary schoolers.


Ojasvi Saxena


Hi! I’m Ojasvi Saxena and I’m a junior as well as Statesman’s News Editor. I love writing about the happenings both in, and out of Stevenson. Outside of Statesman, I’m involved in clubs like Debate, MUN, and FMP.


Emily Lu


Emily Lu is a junior and first-year staffer. In her free time, she enjoys reading webcomics and doing word/logic puzzles.


Lily Jiang


Greetings and Salutations! My name is Lily Jiang, I’m a junior this year and the In-Depth Coordinator! I’m a passionate journalist, creative writer, competitive skater and an avid student!

business Manager

Stephanie Levitt


Hi! I’m Stephanie Levitt and I am a senior and business manager of Statesman. I love reading and writing and like to personalize my stories to make them unique and special to me. Outside of the newspaper, I am involved in multiple clubs and take part in many activities at my synagogue. I hope you enjoy this year’s issues of Statesman!


Melissa Liu


Hey! I’m Melissa Liu, a junior and the graphics editor in Statesman. I love Statesman because it allows me to be more aware about what’s going on around me. Outside of Statesman, I’m involved in debate club and play the violin in orchestra!

Staff reporter

Bayarmaa Bat-erdene


Hi! I’m Bayarmaa and I’m a sophomore. I love being a part of Statesman because I believe journalism is vital to a community and it allows me to express my own ideas, while also having the ability to report on things I find interesting. Outside of Statesman, I do volleyball, track & field, free the children, and student council.

staff reporter

Elyssa Gavenda


Hi my name is Elyssa Gavenda and I am a Junior. I love expressing my ideas and writing about hot debated topics that are important. Outside of the Statesman, I am involved with clubs like Stevenson Styler and Print Media Club.

staff reporter

Emily Kang


Hi! My name is Emily Kang and I am a senior and a staff reporter. This is my first year on Statesman and I’m so excited to be working with such an amazing group of students! Outside of Statesman, I am involved in Girls Unlimited Education, Special Gifts Theatre, and dance.

staff reporter

Greycen Ren


Hey, my name is Greycen Ren and I am a sophomore and a staffer on Statesman. I enjoy spending my time participating in various STEM activities after school. At home, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and sleeping.

Staff reporter

Griffin Brown


Hello, I’m Griffin Brown. I’m a sophomore and this is my first year on Statesman. I love writing and I’m thrilled to be on the Statesman team this year. Outside of academics, I’m a swimmer and a water polo player.

staff reporter

Humza Quazi


Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Humza Qazi and am currently a sophomore and staff member of Stevenson’s Statesman. I have a passion for writing and speaking and believe that they skills will serve me well on Statesman. Outside of Statesman, I serve as a taekwondo student, captain of our competition team, and instructor.

staff reporter

Jasmine Sun


Hi! My name is Jasmine Sun and I am a sophomore and a staffer on Statesman this year. I am really excited for this opportunity to be able to report on a variety of topics and voice my thoughts to others. Aside of Statesman, I enjoy dancing, reading and hanging out with my dog.

staff reporter

Lila Maiolo


Hi! I’m Lila Maiolo and I’m a junior. I enjoy being on Statesman because I value the communication of information in a community, and I hope to pursue a career in the communication field in the future. Aside from Statesman, I am involved in activities like Student Council and NHS.

staff reporter

Myles Woodman


Hello! I’m Myles Woodman, I am a sophomore. I enjoy packaging the news and telling the stories that need to be told. Outside of statesman I am in debate, sports broadcasting and students council.

staff reporter

Natalie King


Hi! I’m Natalie King and I’m a sophomore on Statesman. I’m so excited to write for the newspaper this year because it’s a great opportunity to express my ideas and inform my fellow students. Outside of Statesman i’m on the Stevenson poms team.

staff reporter

Paulina Ornatsky


Hi! I’m Paulina Ornatsky, a sophomore reporter for the Statesman. I love to write and share stories as I believe that knowledge can change the world. Outside of the Statesman, I play volleyball and write short stories. 

staff reporter

Pooja Jain


Hi! I’m Pooja Jain and I am a junior; this is my first year in Statesman and I’m really excited to be publishing articles this year! I’ve been writing stories and reading a lot of books ever since I was young, and I love being able to share my thoughts, whether it’s through writing or speaking, with people beyond my regular circle. Outside of Statesman, I participate in Debate, HOSA, and FBLA.

staff reporter

Sailaja Nallacheruvu


Hi! My name is Sailaja Nallacheruvu and I’m a junior and first year staffer. Journalistic writing has always been interesting to me, and I’m very excited to be able to share my thoughts through Statesman. Other school clubs I am involved in include Debate, Peer Tutors and FBLA.

staff reporter

Serena Mehta


Hi! I’m Serena Mehta and I am a junior and this is my first year on the Statesman. I love writing and believe journalism is so important to our community! I love getting to write about important stories that matter to our community and share those impactful moments with my peers. Outside of Statesman, I am on the volleyball team and I am a member of clubs such as Student Ambassadors, Free the Children, and FMP.

staff reporter

Sophia Ismail


Hi, my name is Sophia Ismail and I’m a sophomore and a staffer on the Statesman. I love to read and write news and buy too many fantasy novels. Outside of Statesman, I am part of Model UN, and Stevenson’s feminism club.

staff reporter

Vaasu Kakuturu


Hi! I’m Vaasu Kakuturu and I am a sophomore and member of the Statesman. I enjoy reporting on a variety of topics and opening up my view on the world. Outside of Statesman I play soccer as well as go to clubs like Diversity Council, Debate, KIVA, and FBLA.

staff reporter

Victoria Feng


Hi, I’m Victoria Feng and I am a sophomore. I how journalism provides the opportunity to give a voice to those who may not usually have one. Outside of school, I am involved in activities such as the Scholastic News Kid Press Corps, LA Times HS Insider, MUN, debate, and lacrosse.

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