Hockey participation increases among female students

Kayla Guo, Copy Editor

January 25, 2015

Take a moment and list all the professional hockey teams in the United States that you can think of. Now, of the teams you just listed, how many are professional women’s hockey teams? The answer is probably zero. At the very most, you may have listed one women’s team—the Boston Blades, who...

Athletes find success through vegetarianism

Sami Sparber, Staff Reporter

November 19, 2014

Like her teammates, she goes to practices, games and works hard to keep her body in good condition. On the outside, she may seem like any other swimmer or badminton player, but what sets Niveda Tennety ’16 apart from most of Stevenson’s student athletes is her diet: she’s a vegetarian. While Tennet...

Unique 5K’s provide entertaining opportunities for local athletes

Katy Roach, Sports Editor

November 18, 2014

Hoofin’ 4 Hardy Are you willing to make an early morning trek to Palatine on Nov. 23? I bet you will be after reading about Hoofin’ 4 Hardy. With the leading cause of sudden cardiac arrest in young people being Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Hoofin’ 4 Hardy aims to raise money to fund f...

Virus prevention key for healthy students in winter

Brenda Reyn, Graphics Editor

November 18, 2014

As the November month rolls in, the onset of colder weather brings a flurry of sneezing and coughing, marking the beginning of the next flu season. As the seasons change, people generally become more susceptible to viruses, infective agents that live in cells. According to Gordon Wood, M.D., the dry wi...

Safety concerns rise following cerebral injury related deaths

Katy Roach, Sports Editor

November 18, 2014

In light of the recent deaths of three high school football players in New York, Alabama and North Carolina due to traumatic brain injuries within the space of one week, a spotlight has been placed on the prevalence and dangers of concussions in high school athletics. According to the Center for Disease...

Quarterback combats abuse in new campaign

Joylyn Yang, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2014

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson is known for throwing touchdown passes on the football field, but he has recently gained attention for passing something else: peace. Wilson’s “Pass the Peace” campaign is the first initiative of his new foundation called the Why Not You Foundation....

Patriot graduate signs with professional soccer team, hopes to inspire future fans

Cindy Yao, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2014

From high school student to professional athlete, Stevenson alumni Gordon Gurson ’10 has made it big in the soccer league. The avid soccer player got his big break at age 22, as the first player to be signed onto the Seattle Impact FC team, an indoor soccer team.  This season, he will play the po...

Derrick Rose makes comeback to NBA

November 18, 2014

Derrick Rose made his return to the National Basketball Association (NBA) on Oct. 29 when the Bulls took on the New York Knicks. Rose scored 13 points and dished out five assists over 21 minutes. Then, only two days later, on Oct. 31, he left the game halfway after spraining both ankles and sat out the...

Alternate exercises promote health, fun

Alexandra Shafran, Graphics Editor

November 18, 2014

Prancercise: This is one of the newest alternative exercise forms developed to put a little bounce in your step—literally. Prancing not only helps increase blood flow, but it also increases the range of movement in many of the leg joints. The “bounce” in the prance allows for a deeper stretch...

Statesman recalls Natatorium, East Building construction

Nikol Safronova, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2014

Flash back to the crowded hallways of Stevenson in 1986, filled with students rushing to get to class, moving through only one building. Now, take a trip to the small pool and watch the divers lined up by a diving board, preparing to jump. Finally, bring yourself back to present time and stare at the...

Student travels to Europe with Team USA for figure skating

Izabela Zaluska, Copy Editor

November 17, 2014

Getting home late and having to find time for homework and test review isn’t anything new for a student athlete at Stevenson. However, few of those student athletes can do all that and say they’ve been featured in an upcoming Olympian article. Lindsay Weinstein ’18 is one of those few. A Freshm...

Students and teacher initiate Zumba Club at Stevenson

Brenda Reyn, Graphic Editor

October 28, 2014

Stevenson will now be offering a Zumba class available for all students to join. The club is expected to meet after school on Wednesdays. The room number is yet to be announced. Zumba originated in the mid 1990s by accident. An aerobics instructor from Colombia, Beto Perez, arrived to teach his class...


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