Answering the Zoom Call of Duty

Answering the Zoom Call of Duty
Student Support Teams overcome e-learning obstacles
December 1, 2020

In any other year, Student Support Team (SST) offices on the East and West sides of Stevenson’s campus would be filled with students constantly streaming in and out as the day progresses, reaching out...

From Books to Ballots: A New Generation Stepping Up

Mikayla Varghese ’21 (far right) and other election judges show their enthusiasm on the job. Even though their job lasts many hours on Election Day, election judges are excited to take on the challenge. Courtesy of Varghese.
Q/A with Student Election Judges, Political Action Club sponsor
December 1, 2020

Making sure that her mask was fitted correctly on her face, Mikayla Varghese ’21 entered the doors to the Willow Grove school gym, which was filled with tables separated by Plexiglass. Finding a seat...

Final Presidential Debate: The Last Attempt at Turning the Tide

Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and current President Donald Trump
(licensed under Creative Commons) Courtesy of Kaos en la Red
Statesman breaks down views on COVID-19, National Security, Health Care, Immigration, Race and Climate Change
November 2, 2020

On Thursday, October 22, the final presidential debate was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, between Former Vice President and Democratic candidate Joe Biden and current Republican President,...

Halloween Activities: COVID-19 Edition

Staffers suggest tips and tricks to still have fun this Halloween season.
October 30, 2020

Biden Town Hall: Clarification and compromise

Biden Town Hall: Clarification and compromise
Statesman breaks down topics covered at Biden’s Town Hall, including Biden’s past, his plans for the country’s problems, and his views on the current administration
October 21, 2020

On Thursday, October 15, former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden fielded questions from voters in a televised town hall discussion. The town hall, which was originally supposed...

2020 New Reality: Stevenson’s ILC/ ELC Staff Moved Online

While the ILC remains empty, waiting for Stevenson students and staff to be able to return safely, do not judge this book by its cover; there are still many valuable resources available
A look into what the ILC and ELC Staff members are up to while eLearning is taking place
October 15, 2020

Before March 13 the ILC and ELC at Adlai E. Stevenson High School was always bustling with activity from students and staff. These hands-on learning centers provided students with resources and a safe...

Posts and Picket Signs

Designed by: Sophie Ismail
Statesman encourages students to shift their activism from the Internet to the real world for bigger strides in progress
October 13, 2020

Since the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been at the forefront of activist agendas. In addition to the upsurge of protests worldwide against police brutality and racism,...

Stevenson Students for Change

Stevenson Students for Change
Stevenson students, inspired by recent racial adversities, look for ways to make the school environment more inclusive
October 11, 2020

As Student Council President Liana McGhee ’21 scrolled through her Instagram feed, stories of injustice towards people of color popped up everywhere. She couldn’t help but notice the wave of inspiration...

Best Buddies and Special Ed, Pandemic Style

Find out how Stevenson’s Best Buddies and Special Education programs are adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic
October 9, 2020

Jenny Callen sits on the front steps of her house, a mask covering her mouth and a friend six feet away. Nestled within the unknowns of a pandemic is the beginning of her last year in the Best Buddies...

We Need to Hold Influencers Responsible for Their COVID-19 Partying

We Need to Hold Influencers Responsible for Their COVID-19 Partying
Apologies aren’t good enough; influencers must stop partying — or risk getting their partnerships canceled
October 9, 2020

In a diagram shared on social media by New York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz, hundreds of famous TikTokers have been caught hanging out with one another this summer, possibly spreading COVID-19...

A Strange Start

A Strange Start
Schools respond to COVID pandemic, educational structures vary across institutions
October 9, 2020

As Estella Yan ’23 logs into Zoom, she mentally prepares herself for another day of remote learning. During the school day, Yan joins seven separate Zoom meetings for each of her 37 minute long classes....

Breaking the COVID-19 Barrier – Q&A

Breaking the COVID-19 Barrier - Q&A
Local officials answer questions regarding future education plans during the COVID-19 pandemic
September 25, 2020

In late July, Stevenson announced their plans to go fully remote for the entirety of the first semester. As a result, many have questions regarding how and when schools can return to their normal daily...

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