A Strange Start

A Strange Start

Gaurish Lakhanpal and Greycen Ren October 9, 2020

As Estella Yan ’23 logs into Zoom, she mentally prepares herself for another day of remote learning. During the school day, Yan joins seven separate Zoom meetings for each of her 37 minute long classes....

Why We Shouldn’t Tell Student Athletes to “Stick to Sports”

Why We Shouldn’t Tell Student Athletes to “Stick to Sports”

Kelly Liu October 9, 2020

In late August, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to play their playoff game in protest of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Soon after, tennis player Naomi Osaka said she would sit out...

(Stay At) Home Run!

(Stay At) Home Run!

Bradley Locker and Advay Voleti October 9, 2020

3-0 count to COVID-19. He swings and hits a long fly ball deep into the night. COVID-19 has blown this game open with a grand slam! Nearly 200 days ago, COVID-19 began its All-Star level production;...

(E)liminating (D)isparities in (I)nclusivity

(E)liminating (D)isparities in (I)nclusivity

Serena Mehta and Dwija Ramesh October 9, 2020

It’s 9:31 a.m. and most of the Stevenson students and teachers are just starting their second period class of the day. Instead of the usual bustle in the typical Stevenson hallways, students simply log...

Should we #settleforbiden?

Should we #settleforbiden?

Hannah Yu October 9, 2020

In 2016, President Trump ran his campaign on a series of promises: to bring jobs back from China, to build a wall, to bring troops home, etc. Four years later, America has lost 200,000 people to Covid-19,...

Censoring Socials

Censoring Socials

Jasmine Sun, Lance Locker, and Ally Flynn October 9, 2020

While freedom has long been a deeply valued virtue, recent events—including the politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic—have called into question how unchecked free expression from prominent figures...

Register to Vote!

Katie Lee October 9, 2020

Breaking the COVID-19 Barrier - Q&A

Breaking the COVID-19 Barrier – Q&A

Vaasu Kakuturu and Sailaja Nallacheruvu September 25, 2020

In late July, Stevenson announced their plans to go fully remote for the entirety of the first semester. As a result, many have questions regarding how and when schools can return to their normal daily...

Ginsburg’s Death Sparks Battle Over Vacant Supreme Court Seat

Collin Fan September 25, 2020

On September 18th, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 from pancreatic cancer, starting a dispute between Democrats and Republicans over the vacant seat she left on the Court. Despite...

Feature Story: Online Prep

September 17, 2020

  Teaching Amid COVID-19 by Victoria Feng   Covid Co-Curriculars by Melissa Liu & Jasmine Sun

Covid Co-Curriculars

Melissa Liu and Jasmine Sun September 17, 2020

Under normal circumstances, the 3:25 p.m. bell would’ve cued thousands of students and teachers to flood the halls, unearthing a new, bustling side of Stevenson not seen during the school day. Clubs,...

Teaching Amid COVID-19

Victoria Feng September 17, 2020

While students were able to kick back and take time off for summer break, staff members stayed busy—not only in preparation for the back-to-school season but also to adjust to the new Remote Learning...

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