Q&A with state championship team members: Gambino, Green, Joseph

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a football player (here at Stevenson?)

Jack Joseph: I think it’s a great choice. It teaches you important life lessons that will help you later on when you’re an adult. You will form friendships that will last you a lifetime. Everyone who has joined the team says how happy they are that they did it.


What has been your favorite part of this season? What was your proudest moment?

Cameron Green: I’d say my favorite part has been all of the playoffs, only because it has made us closer as a team and I couldn’t be more happy with the those guys. My proudest moment was winning the state championship because that was something we always wanted to do since we were in eighth grade. All of us came together and achieved that goal.


What does this big win mean to you?

JJ: This win means a lot to me but it also means a lot to the players last year and several years before because it is the first championship and everybody who has put in time to be a part of the program deserves this, so it makes me happy to bring it home for everybody who has played football here.


What made you originally join the team? Has it been the experience you hoped it would be?

Michael Gambino: When I was a freshman, I was planning on playing soccer. My dad actually convinced me to play and try football because I played in eighth grade. I played both soccer and football. So ultimately he convinced me to join the football team and I haven’t looked back since.


What are your future plans in regards to football?

CG: I’m going to Northwestern for football. I’ll be playing wide receiver. And hopefully I’ll pursue my dream of making it to the NFL.