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The student news site of Adlai E. Stevenson High School


The student news site of Adlai E. Stevenson High School


Learn it. Earn it.

Katy Roach | April 25, 2015

In late February, legislation created by government teacher Andrew Conneen was introduced by Carol Sente in the Illinois General Assembly. Currently under debate in the House of Representatives, bill HB3428...

Volunteers partake in icy water challenge

Nitya Gupta | April 25, 2015

On Feb. 23, 17 students participated in the Fox Lake Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Plunge for Special Olympics through their sociology and political thought classes. The money raised during the event...

No to net neutrality

Izabela Zaluska, Copy Editor | April 25, 2015

Although the concept of net neutrality is a complex one, the focus of it comes down to three main ideas. Internet service providers (ISP) can no longer prioritize giving their faster connection to the...

Yes to net neutrality

Sami Sparber, Staff Reporter | April 25, 2015

It’s 2015. If we were to make a list of all the things that we need to survive, the Internet would be ranked pretty high up there with fresh water and electricity. Surfing the web has become so routine...

Patriot coaches reveal pre-game team customs

Sami Sparber, Staff Reporter | April 25, 2015

As successful as Stevenson sports teams are, most fans in attendance leave the game thinking only of the final score. What they don’t realize is that behind every Patriot win is a long history of pre-game...

How does body image influence health addictions?

Joylyn Yang, Staff Reporter | April 25, 2015

In society today, there is an increasing emphasis on attaining a perfect, model-like body through commercials, apps and ads. As more and more people are striving to live a healthy lifestyle, health “addictions”...

Varsity Hockey Player competes at Illinois Showcase

Nikol Safronova, Staff Reporter | April 25, 2015

Ever since Jake Cimarusti ‘16 was four years-old, he dreamed of succeeding in hockey. Now, after 13 years of hard work, his dreams have became reality following his placement on the 23-member Illinois...

Experts review local funding for school sports

Cindy Yao, Staff Reporter | April 25, 2015

For many sports programs, the cost of quality equipment and coaches adds up. Under budget cuts, schools face having to reduce programs or implement pay-to-play fees, among many other repercussions. Ultimately,...

Are students addicted to good grades?

Alexandra Shafran, Graphics Editor | April 25, 2015

As the competition to get into college has risen to staggering levels, some students have developed an obsession over creating the perfect resume to get into their dream schools. Whether it be GPA, ACT...

Alum reflects on experience as SHS basketball player, professional Houston Comets career

Kayla Guo, Copy Editor | April 25, 2015

In 1997, the nation witnessed multiple milestones for women’s basketball. That was the year the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) began its first season. That was the year that teams like...

Social Commentary

Kayla Guo, Copy Editor | April 25, 2015

Self-reliance has always been a personal virtue. My philosophy is that there’s no one I can, and should, rely on more than myself, a philosophy that I often applied in school and in my personal life,...

Net neutrality bill generates discussion

Stephanie Namkoong, Features Editor | April 25, 2015

Net neutrality is the principle promising equality on the internet for all customers and prevention of discrimination or unequal charge for internet use. Although the issue had been lobbied for and against...

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