Fundraising tips designed for Give-A-Thon

Tip #1

Just because homemade goods are prohibited, doesn’t mean the holidays are ruined. Instead, raise money for Give-A-Thon by selling highly requested products such as styluses and study guides since the average student’s index finger is too thick and clumsy to take proper notes on the iPads, and first semester finals are right around the corner so well-done study guides are a prized possession.

Tip #2

When determining how much money you need for your large, medium or small family, set an overall goal for the donation amount as well as weekly goals to ensure that you are on track. Motivate the class by offering to dye your hair, wax your sideburns and other crazy stunts each time a weekly goal is met. Plan something big, such as a class limbo party, for reaching the overall amount.

Tip #3

What’s better: buying cute things on clearance or on Black Friday? How about buying cute things on Black Friday clearance? For just $5, you can buy baby clothes and stuffed animals instead of opting for an assignment notebook because would you rather have a plush teddy bear or know your APUSH homework? The point is make the clearance aisle one of your stops while shopping on Black Friday.

Tip #4

Because you followed the previous tips and are a savvy shopper, you most likely have more than enough dough. Spend any extra money you have leftover on more clothes for your Give-A-Thon family. That’s why clothing sizes are provided on family lists regardless if the family asked for clothes or not. Kids and baby clothing, especially, are not too expensive at department stores on Black Friday.

Tip #5

Although posters with the Give-A-Thon families’ information make adorable wall decor, they are hung up for a purpose. Remind your class to look over the family posters and see if they have new and unwrapped toys or clothes that are asked for. This would save time and money that could be spent on other items or foods. Just make sure to emphasize the fact that gifts must be new and unused.

Tip #6

Shopping for your Give-A-Thon family can be fun and exciting, but remember not to neglect your food boxes. They are just as crucial, so budget your money so that you have enough for gifts and food. Since we all stocked up for the 2012 apocalypse that never happened, most students will have boxed or canned goods at home. It doesn’t hurt to ask—just check those expiration dates before donating.