Fall Pie Reviews

Izabela Zaluska, Copy Editor

It’s that time of year again when store shelves are stocked with pies, pies and more pies. I was unfortunately given the horrible task of going into stores and trying out different types of pies. Horrible, right? Everywhere I turned there was either a pumpkin, apple or cherry pie calling my name. Let these reviews help you choose the perfect, mouth-watering pie of the season.


Didier Farms’ Dutch Apple Pie:

Didier Farms is known for its freshly made goods and hand-picked apples and pumpkins. When it comes to their pies, it’s no different. Their Dutch Apple pie consists of fresh apples and a crumbly topping. I’m usually not a huge fan of pie crust, but the topping adds extra flavor to it. The only thing that might leave a bitter taste in your mouth is the price since the pie is small for its $6.49 price.

Jewel’s Apple Cherry Pie:

The combination of apple and cherry is definitely something interesting and caught my eye right away, especially with a low price of $2.50 per slice. After tasting it, however, I came to the conclusion that while the mixture is interesting, it shouldn’t be something that becomes an annual fall tradition. I couldn’t really taste the cherry or the apple. The pairing of two dominant fruits ruined the pie and turned the filling into some bad concoction that I couldn’t really put my finger on.

Sunset’s Peach Pie:

When I cut myself a slice of the pie, I noticed that there weren’t all that many peach slices in the piece, which slightly dissapointed me. However, that didn’t stop me from getting a peachy taste with each bite, which was pleasantly surprising. The taste was neither too strong nor too weak for the slice that was just under $3; it was the perfect balance, or in other words, totally peachy keen.

Mariano’s Sweet Potato Pie:

I’ve always been a fan of sweet potato fries, so I figured that when it came to sweet potato pie it wouldn’t taste much different. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the taste, but after a few bites, I found myself wanting another after another after another. It had a rich taste that, once you got used to it, had just the right amount of flavor with each bite. The size was that of an average pie and with a price just a little over $5; it was definitely worth it.

Jewel’s Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin pie is a classic food to eat in the fall, so finding the perfect one is not only crucial but also a necessity for everyone. Luckily, Jewel offers one that is not only tasty, but it also costs just a little over a low price of $5. So this year, if you promised your grandma you’ll be baking a pumpkin pie but are running late to your Thanksgiving dinner, stop by and pick up the pumpkin pie from Jewel, and she won’t even realize it’s store-bought.

Sunset’s Blueberry Pie:

Although the blueberries were practically pouring out of the pie after I cut the slice, there was little taste and flavor with each bite. The blueberries were tiny and unfortunately didn’t have that homemade grandma’s pie taste that makes my mouth water. With that being said, it wasn’t horrible, especially with each slice costing around $3, but if you’re looking for a classic blueberry pie, I would suggest being nice to your grandma this fall season.


After careful examination of pies, I have learned that finding the perfect one may be tougher than I thought, but hopefully these reviews will steer you in the right direction of picking the best pie that will be worth its cost. If you’re really feeling fancy this fall season, live on the edge and pair your pie with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Maybe some Cool Whip if you’re feeling extra spontaneous.