Alternate exercises promote health, fun


This is one of the newest alternative exercise forms developed to put a little bounce in your step—literally. Prancing not only helps increase blood flow, but it also increases the range of movement in many of the leg joints. The “bounce” in the prance allows for a deeper stretch in the leg muscle tissue along with an increase in coordination. Did you say prance and field team?

Synchronized Swimming:

For those who love to look like a graceful mermaid while swimming, this is the perfect alternative. Synchronized swimming utilizes the core and leg muscles because you are trying to keep afloat and tread water the entire time. Not only does that help cardiovascular health by pumping blood throughout your whole body, but doing stretches and extensions in the water is actually proven to increase agility and flexibility.


Paddleboard Yoga:

Have a fear of the gym? No problem! Paddleboard yoga allows for fitness in the outdoors and works almost every single part of your body through the workout. Strength and balance are put to the test as you attempt to remain upright while propelling through the water on your paddle board. Balancing on the board strengthens your back and abdominal muscles while also engaging your arm, back and shoulder muscles. For first timers: bring floaties.


Trampoline Fitness:

Extreme trampoline might not seem like the worst idea this weekend if you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health. Studies show that about 30 minutes of trampoline workouts can not only help your heart but also increase your overall health. Trampoline exercises help increase leg power and balance as well as focus on core strengthening through multi—directional movement. Olympics, here we come.