How to step up your Homecoming game

Vijay Magati, Graphics Editor

Instead of simply buying her flowers and chocolates, take it to the max. Take her to a field of roses and lilies, hand her a treasure chest full of every type of gourmet chocolate imaginable— you’re guaranteed to get the yes.

Walking up to a girl to ask her is so last year, am I right? This year, the real way to ask your special lady to Homecoming is to ride up to her with style on a magnificent horse, mane flowing in the wind. (Yours, not the horse’s.) Isn’t that every girl’s dream?

No girl can resist a man who sings to her. But outdo all the acoustic proposals sung to the latest Maroon 5 song by surprising her with an acapella quartet, complete with heartthrob Justin Timberlake singing the lead role. You two will be so in sync with the help of *NSYNC.

A lot of your friends impress girls with their fancy rides—but hey, you should be unique. Instead of showing off your own car to a girl, why not give a girl her own sweet car this Homecoming? That way you’ll already have a ride planned for the event!