Fall Review: Apple Cider Donuts

Fall Review: Apple Cider Donuts

Statesman’s Sarah Verschoor explored Lake County in search of the perfect cider donut. Below, she recounts her experience tasting four distinct donuts from Didier Farms in Buffalo Grove, Lee’s Donuts in Libertyville, Spunky Dunkers in Buffalo Grove and Sunset in Long Grove.


The fall staple: Didier Farms’ cider donut is the pumpkin patch and cider mill classic. Its dense cakey interior coated with cinnamon and powdered sugar is exactly what you expect from a local fall festival. These donuts are made fresh at the fair. There are often long lines of people trying to get their hands on one. But, is it worth the wait? Without a doubt, these donuts have their place in fall traditions but a lack of apple flavor make them fall short of the competition.

Two out of four pumpkins


The rebel: Lee’s Donuts serves a cider donut that stands out from the pack. It is a glazed donut, not coated in any kind of sugary mix. The donut itself, too, is closer to a yeast donut. The cider flavor is strong with little sugary apple bits mixed throughout. Lee’s is a little far from most of the Stevenson community, but the extra drive is worth it. Every bite of this fall masterpiece is a treat from start to finish.

Three and a half pumpkins out of four


The big competition: Spunky Dunkers’ serves a twist on the traditional cider donut. This dense cake donut truly tastes like apple cider. The combination of strong apple and cinnamon create a flavor that is reminiscent of a homemade apple cake. The texture is rigid, creating a perfect crispness in every bite, almost like an apple.

Three pumpkins out of four


The store bought star: Considering this a true cider donut may be going too far. It really lacks that fresh apple spice flavor. But, Sunset definitely has a delicious donut on their hands. It is a softer cake donut, coated with grainy sugar. The strongest flavors are cinnamon and vanilla. It would go perfect with coffee, or even a glass of apple cider.
Two and a half pumpkins out of four