Yes to America’s College Promise

Yes to Americas College Promise

With college tuitions on the rise, many students have opted to attend a community college instead of a four-year university because the tuition is less expensive. However, with President Obama’s proposed plan, America’s College Promise, the first two years of community college are free.

As long as students maintain a 2.5 GPA while attending the community college, they could potentially save an average of $3,800 annually. Students in Chicago Public Schools can have their first two years covered at one of seven select community colleges as long as they hold a 3.0 GPA during their time in college. Seventy-five percent  of this cost is covered by the government, and the rest is covered by the state.

The extra incentive of free education may help students succeed. Knowing that part of their four years at school is covered could encourage students to successfully receive his or her degree. According to the “Huffington Post,” a study, “The American Dream 2.0”, found that the annual amount of student loans has doubled over the last decade, going from $56 billion to $113 billion. If a student cannot afford their college tuition, having two years free would significantly decrease the amount of debt they accumulate.

Obama’s plan will also have a positive impact on the United State’s future economy. The workforce will encounter more highly educated employees, creating new job opportunities for many. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), people without an upper secondary education (13 percent) suffer three times higher unemployment than those who do have a post secondary education (5 percent).

America’s College Promise is a plan that will lighten up the future of college students. While many families are struggling to make ends meet in the current state of the economy, the opportunity for students to have their first two years of schooling free will help significantly.  Students with a degree have a higher chance of receiving employment. The plan is not intended to be a complete fix of the education problems in the United States, but rather it’s intended to be a great step in the right direction.