Statesman reviews classic Christmas songs

Hannah Jeon, News Editor

’Tis the season for wrapping presents, drinking hot chocolate, decorating gingerbread cookies—and of course, listening to the season’s most festive holiday tunes. With the holidays right around the corner, the songs you choose to blast at your holiday party will absolutely be a game-changer—for what else could put you in the best holiday spirit better than the festive, heartwarming music of the season? Luckily for you, Statesman has compiled some of the most rockin’ songs to spread that holiday cheer, everywhere!


Jingle Bell Rock

Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” is undoubtedly a must-have song on your holiday playlist. With a catchy, memorable chorus and a bubbly, rhythmic tune, this Christmas song will definitely be a favorite at your holiday party. Bursting into melody with friends, serenading all your family members on the chorus, creating fun dance moves to go along with the tune—this holiday song is for everyone, and will definitely get all your guests at your party into that jolly holiday spirit. Plus, it would probably bring back some major “Mean Girls” flashbacks too.


Santa Baby

Eartha Kitt’s original rendition of “Santa Baby” is definitely one of the best tunes to play at a holiday party and will undoubtedly make all your guests just yearning to finally unwrap their presents under the Christmas tree on the early morning of Dec. 25. With an incredibly playful tune and an immensely catchy chorus, this song will surely spread that Christmas spirit at any party you decide to host. Before long, all your party guests will be itching in childlike anticipation of Santa’s arrival the next morning, with all his toys and goodies galore!


All I Want For Christmas is You

An all-time classic holiday tune, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the definite go-to pick for you and your holiday guests to blast and sing along, karaoke-style, in the living room, dining room and kitchen, after the warmth of a full dinner and delicious dessert. What’s more amusing than watching your friends and family attempt to hit those high notes or romantically serenading their significant other with the catchy chorus? “All I Want For Christmas Is You” will inevitably be stuck in your head.