New club allows members to partake, reenact medical situations

With multiple new clubs being introduced this school year, Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)-Future Health Professionals is one in which students can branch out from the knowledge that they gained in science classes and learn leadership and technical skills by competing in medical field events. These competitions can represent professions that students might want to have in the future.

“HOSA’s main purpose is to put together all of the knowledge that students have in health and science, such as chemistry, biology, health and applied health, and use it to participate in tournaments that stimulate medical situations,” said HOSA sponsor Eric Ramos.

HOSA club members can decide what most interests them and then compete in that topic by using a flow chart, provided to them during their first meeting. Some of the events included in the competition promote teamwork and creative problem solving, Ramos said.

“After club members decide what they want to participate in, they can start preparing by researching their topic and re-enacting scenarios that incorporate what they learned,” Ramos said.

A typical club meeting will consist of members discussing strategies that incorporate leadership qualities needed to win in a competition. HOSA meets in Room 2006 every other Wednesday at 7:20 am.

“HOSA is a good supplement to have to accelerate and further the understanding of the healthcare industry as well as prepare students for their respective careers,” Ramos said.