ILC creates Instagram account

Sami Sparber, Staff Reporter

In preparation for the 2014-15 school yearwhen every Stevenson student would have their own iPad, the Information and Learning Center (ILC) created an Instagram account. Under the username @shsilc, head librarian Lisa Dettling posts pictures of daily ILC happenings.

Dettling believes that the ILC Instagram has been a great way to connect with students.

“Teens are much more likely to look at pictures versus reading a Facebook post,” Dettling said. “Having an Instagram account puts us right up there with the photos kids regularly see on social media.”

The account currently has 77 posts that its 51 followers can view. However, Dettling only follows back three accounts; two are other libraries and one is the official Stevenson Instagram, @stevensonhs.

“We want to make it clear that we will not follow any students back,” Dettling said. “But, we do encourage all students to keep tabs on the ILC by following us.”

Although the Instagram account is new, the ILC has had a social media presence since 2011. Dettling had previously set up an ILC Facebook page and a Twitter account.

“We’ve had those accounts for a long time,” Dettling said. “Right now, we’re hoping that more people will start to like and follow us at all three locations.”

Part of the ILC’s Instagram initiative is to get students to post “selfies” with their favorite books and tag @shsilc. Dettling said her goal is to cover the window that looks into the ILC with pictures of students holding their favorite books.

“If students see what other students are reading, they’re more likely to read that book,” Dettling said. “It’s almost like making a recommendation.”

Until then, the Instagram account will continue to post about what goes on inside Stevenson’s main learning center. Dettling sees it as a great opportunity to engage students outside of the ILC.

“It’s neat to show just how crazy things can get in here,” Dettling said. “A picture is worth 1000 wordswith Instagram, all it takes is one click to do just that.”