Student travels to Europe with Team USA for figure skating

Getting home late and having to find time for homework and test review isn’t anything new for a student athlete at Stevenson. However, few of those student athletes can do all that and say they’ve been featured in an upcoming Olympian article. Lindsay Weinstein ’18 is one of those few.

A Freshman now, Weinstein has been skating since she was three years old. She was first exposed to the sport when she saw her brother and his friends skating. Her parents were reluctant to sign her up for lessons since her brother hated it, but eventually, she convinced them. She has been skating ever since.

Weinstein’s schedule is different from that of a typical student athlete. Two to three times a week, Weinstein heads to the ice-rink before school. Then, after fifth period, she leaves and heads to back to the rink or to the gym to work out. Her general schedule stays the same, but the workouts or exercises she does varies each day.

“Balancing school and skating is really hard since the time I get home varies each day,” Weinstein said. “I need to find and make time to eat dinner and do my homework.”

Finding that balance was crucial when Weinstein traveled with the Team USA figure skating team to Czech Republic in August, and to Germany in October. She described the experience as surreal and something that she never expected to be a part of. Even though they didn’t place in the top three, Weinstein was still incredibly proud since the majority of the other teams had skaters from 17 to 21 years old, while the USA team had younger skaters like herself.

In the future, Weinstein isn’t exactly sure where skating will take her, but going to the Olympics is definitely one of her dreams.

“Whether I’m having a good day or not, when I’m on the ice it’s like i’m in a happier world,” Weinstein said. “Skating is my love, passion and entire life. I wouldn’t be me without it.”