Fine Arts department searches for stained glass artist

Sami Sparber, Staff Reporter

Stevenson’s Fine Arts Department is currently looking to hire an artist to create a commemorative piece for the school’s 50th anniversary. Most plans for the mural have already been approved with the chosen design being the runner-up submission from last year’s 50th anniversary logo contest.

The design created by Sabrina Zhang ’17 will be made into a stained glass mural on the four-panel window above the Sports Center Lobby, one of the main entrances to the school. Jon Grice, Fine Arts Director, is in charge of the project.

“I like to think a part of my role is essentially to help beautify the school,” Grice said. “I believe we can create educational experiences through this process.”

With a cost of $18,000 to $30,000, Grice said the mural needs financial support. The project has received initial funding from the Stevenson Foundation, Sports Boosters, Patriot Parent Association (PPA) and the Band Parents Organization. Grice will also be talking with other parents and student organizations.

“I’m basically looking for a big chunk of money from different organizations,” Grice said. “We’d like to raise at least $24,000.”

Although the Fine Arts Department has not yet selected an artist, the request for proposals will be advertised in October. As early as last January, potential artists were invited to visit Stevenson. Grice, who said that there are between 50 and 75 stained glass studios in the Chicago and Milwaukee area, is confident the right person is out there.

“We will use Sabrina’s 50th Logo Design for the stained glass,” Grice said. “The artist will help figure out the rest. Right now it’s about gathering support and sharing information about the project.”