Andy’s Frozen Custard Review

A battle of midwestern treats has concluded that Andy’s Frozen Custard has surpassed numerous other frozen custard establishments. Andy’s Frozen Custard is a freestanding restaurant chain located throughout the Midwest, with the option for customers to order their frozen custard from a drive-thru or the walk-up service windows. After trying Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, Greg’s Frozen Custard and Culver’s, we concluded that Andy’s Frozen Custard definitely beats every other by a large margin. Andy’s offers two custard flavors—chocolate and vanilla—and numerous toppings such as cookie dough, Oreos and peanut butter cups. While there are endless options to mix-and-match the flavors and toppings, Andy’s also has a full menu of specialty combinations they have created. As Andy’s Frozen Custard connoisseurs, we tried six of the most popular orders and provided our honest opinions.

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Stolen Brownie Sundae 

There is only one word to describe the brownies at Andy’s: phenomenal. Baked to perfection, the gooey, bursting chocolate flavor of Andy’s house-made brownies are absolutely divine. While the Stolen Brownie Sundae is essentially a regular sundae with vanilla custard, brownies, hot fudge, pecans and a cherry, this is the best sundae we’ve had by far. The ratio of all the toppings were absolutely perfect and helped create the most mouthwatering sundae on the menu. The warm brownie complimented with the cool custard creates the best combination. This sundae wins brownie points as it stole our hearts! 9.8/10


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James Brownie Funky JackHammer 

Indulge in pure bliss with every scoop of this frozen custard, oozing with a delectable concoction of peanut butter, brownie chunks and rich hot fudge, all nestled within a creamy mix of goodness. As explained by the food chemistry phenomenon called the Dynamic Sensory Contrast, the combination of the creamy peanut butter and smooth chocolate compliment each other perfectly. When combined with the warm brownie and cold custard, we could not resist the mouthwatering temptation. If Reese’s is your preference for chocolate, then we can’t recommend trying the James Brownie Funky JackHammer enough. 9.5/10


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BootDaddy Concrete 

After tasting many of the flavor combinations that Andy’s offers, we strongly concluded that the combination in the iconic “Bootdaddy” was superior to other concretes. Upon perusing the menu, our initial impression was that the Bootdaddy might not satisfy our sweet tooth, but to our pleasant surprise, the harmonious blend of the custard and toppings resulted in a near-perfect balance of flavors. Combined with vanilla or chocolate custard, hot fudge, caramel and Oreo chunks, the Bootdaddy competes for one of the best frozen treats in the Midwest. By itself, the Bootdaddy is not a perfect item; therefore, we suggest asking for extra hot fudge regardless of the size you order. The extra fudge adds the sweetness that was missing from the original concrete. 9.0/10 without extra hot fudge. 9.5/10 with extra hot fudge. 


Nutty Waffle Crunch Concrete  

At first glance, the combination of chunks of homemade waffles, nuts and chocolate mixed in with frozen custard seems a little boring. But believe us when we say that as soon as you taste it, this may become your new favorite order at Andy’s. In every bite, you get a taste of the creamy custard along with a nice crunch provided by the waffle and nuts. To put it in simple words: we go nuts for the Nutty Waffle Crunch Concrete! 9.0/10


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Pretzel Caramel Crunch 

Back from the vault of frozen treats, Andy’s classic “Pretzel Caramel Crunch” arrived at all 145 locations in the US earlier this year. As one of the original flavors introduced when the frozen custard shop launched in 1986, we were excited to get a taste of the shop’s history. Although the toppings are rather simple, the sweetness of the caramel and the saltiness of the pretzel mixed very well. Despite the initial skepticism from many about the compatibility of pretzels with custard, we are thrilled to inform you that Andy’s Pretzel Caramel Crunch surpasses expectations and delivers a uniquely delightful taste experience. 8.0/10



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Snow Monster Concrete 

As we gazed across the menu, the creative name “Snow Monster” caught our eyes. The combination of smooth vanilla custard, fresh strawberries and luscious melted chocolate chips appeared to be a simple yet delicious concoction, with no monstrous characteristics. The flavor profile of the dessert was slightly imbalanced as the custard overpowered the delicate notes of the strawberries and chocolate chips, resulting in a relatively subdued taste experience for those toppings. We thought this concrete was underwhelming with a limited presence from the toppings and expected more from the name. Although there are ways to make this concrete better such as asking for double toppings, we firmly believe it wouldn’t be worth the price. 6.0/10