Why assignment notebooks matter

When students arrived at orientation this year, they were confused as to why they did not receive assignment notebooks, something that for years, has been a necessity in the eyes of students. Since the student guidebook went online this year, assignment notebooks were not seen as necessary as they were in years past. Students were still able to purchase them in the school store once the year began.

Statesman recognizes that Stevenson administration likely did not expect such a confused and upset reaction out of students. Once out of high school and into the professional world, few people, if any, use paper and pen as a manner to keep themselves organized. With almost everyone having a smartphone, many professionals use apps as a way to store all their tasks. Students are able to do the same. With each student being issued an iPad, it’s not necessary for everyone to have an assignment notebook if there are ways to write assignments on the iPads. Statesman believes that with technology being such a driving force in our society, students will need to adjust to certain changes and understand how organization is taken place in the professional world. Living in such a technologically based society, it’s clear that in the future we’ll have to use that technology in our professions, so this is just another manner in getting us adjusted to the world beyond Stevenson

However, Statesman also believes that it’s more about the tradition of assignment notebooks that got students upset because tradition also means familiarity, and students aren’t always the most open to change. Most students likely have had a planner since elementary school. Many students have become accustomed to writing their homework down, and feel accomplished when they can finally cross out a finished assignment. Students already use their phones or iPads as a manner to keep track of their personal agenda and having the assignment notebook was a way of keeping student and personal lives separate. Statesman thinks that in the future, if assignment notebooks remain as something that school doesn’t provide, Stevenson should set up a Google calendar that’s synced onto each iPad to easily give us upcoming events and important dates.

Statesman understands that with this being the first year that every student has an iPad, there wasn’t a clear reason as to why each student should also get an assignment notebook since the guidebook is on the iPad and there’s multiple organization apps. However, we, as a staff, believe that Stevenson should strive to accommodate both types of learners: traditional and technological.