Stevenson expands security system

Joylyn Yang, Staff Reporter

With the District 125  Board of Education approving the purchase of a keyless entry system three years ago, Stevenson has recently completed the third and final phase of the project. After various renovations, all of the doors at Stevenson have now become electronically accessible. The new technology allows teachers and staff members to use their identification cards to unlock doors.

“We have a very forward-thinking Board,”  Assistant Principal Ken Latka, said. “We believe this is a significant security enhancement.”

The main objective for this new new advancement is for students’ safety. By using IDs as keys, the school is able to digitally control access, as well as keep track of who enters and exits certain parts of the building.

“With the key system, some of the keys could get lost. Once a staff member loses a key, we would have to re-key the whole building,” Principal Troy Gobble said. “With the IDs, they can be disabled.”

In the past, having a key meant only one level of security, Mark Michelini, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, said. Stevenson now has three layers of security—the perimeter doors, the zone doors and the classroom doors.

“In case of a lockdown, we could lock every door in the school within seconds with just one push of a button,” Michelini said.

Eliminating keys allows for further convenience. It is much quicker to lock every door in the building electronically rather than fumble with keys, Gobble said. In addition to new doors, Stevenson has installed new digital radios, which allows for easier communication.

“Our radio and camera system allows us to monitor activity throughout the building in a more comprehensive manner,” Latka said.

By adapting higher technology and closer monitoring, Stevenson’s campus is now protected to a greater extent. The number one goal is safety and security for the students, Michelini said.