Springing into Summer


Spring Fling takes place on May 21 offering food, games, music to students

After a school year full of cancelled events, Stevenson plans on hosting its annual Spring Fling event as is tradition, but with a few changes. This year’s Spring Fling will take place on Friday, May 21 after school, and all students can attend. 

Spring Fling this year consists of four sports: softball, kickball, volleyball and this year’s new addition—cricket. Teams divided by grade level and consisting of 8-12 individuals will face off in the sport of their choosing in a knockout bracket. Participants have also chosen team names and designed their jerseys.

Additionally, the event is not limited to sports. Students not participating in a team event can also attend Spring Fling for games, music and food—similar to other Stevenson hosted events.

In charge of both planning and supervising Spring Fling are student leaders acting as administrators, coordinators, and team captains. Two student leaders who have taken numerous steps in order to ensure that Spring Fling is going to be a safe and fun environment are Student Council executives Nicholas Stec ’22 and Ava Corso ‘21.

“A lot of our responsibilities are trying to get the most common ideas, or the wants and desires of the student body, which we see through our general members,” Stec said. “[We] communicate those ideas to our advisors to see what we can bring to Spring Fling so that all of our participants are satisfied.”

Udit Mehta ’22 is a first time Spring Fling participant and is planning on competing in volleyball this year. He notes the stress relief that the event will provide and the reassurance that the safety measures provide him in the safety of attending.

“I’m honestly just hoping to have fun, because it’s more than the competition,” Mehta said. “It’s about spending a few hours with your friends in an activity you normally wouldn’t do.”  

Mehta also explained that the mask rules Stevenson put into place for the event have ensured that he feels safe in participating. Additionally, CDC rules have made it clear that vaccinated Americans are mostly safe from Covid-19, and even in some situations can go maskless. At Stevenson, masks are still required, despite vaccination status. 

As a Student Council executive, Stec has planned for a variety of events this school year that have been cancelled. “I think that the main goal for Spring Fling is to find some connectedness for students,” Stec said. “That kind of goes back to the Student Council mission statement: we’re fostering a community within students.”

Student council is prioritizing safety as well as making the most of the opportunities that this event provides, especially considering the number of events that have been cancelled. Ava Corso ’21, another student leader, also encourages students to attend. 

“We’d like to encourage everyone to come participate in Spring Fling, even if they’re not doing a sport,” Corso said. “I think it’s just a good opportunity for people to come out and support the Student Council and hang out with your friends.”