Cravings for Coffee

Jazzman’s delivery program to be implemented, students can enjoy coffee during E-Learning


Jenny Adams ’21 wakes up at 8:16 and hurriedly walks the 3 steps from her bed to her desk with her stomach growling. During a regular school year, she would visit Jazzman’s for all of her snack needs, but with remote learning, Adams is one of the many Stevenson students missing Jazzman’s convenience.

In order to try and replicate the usual Jazzman’s experience, the school is creating a new program: the Jazzman’s drive-thru and home delivery system. The home delivery system will be available at the beginning of second semester, and the drive-thru option will open in March  2021 to allow time for construction. 

Adams is one student who plans on using the new delivery service once it is ready for customers. She is excited to have an opportunity to get Jazzman’s during her last year at Stevenson even though learning is taking place online. 

“At the beginning of the last school year, I would visit Jazzman’s every day before class after I had morning swim practice,” Adams said. “Every day since quarantine started, I have thought about how much I miss my daily Jazzman’s runs. I miss waiting to get my coffee in the extremely long line and then sprinting across the building to get to class on time”

The home delivery system will work similarly to other food delivery operations like Uber Eats or GrubHub. A Jazzman’s app will be released to all Stevenson iPads, where students can place their order and set a delivery time. In order to satisfy the frequent caffeine cravings of Stevenson students, delivery will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. 

Once a student’s order is placed through the app, a Jazzman’s worker will prepare the food and then a delivery driver will bring it over to that student’s house. The Sodexo workers who would serve lunches and work at the cash registers during a normal school year can now have alternate roles as a Jazzman’s barista or delivery driver instead. Stevenson students can also apply for these jobs during their free periods and before or after school.

“During my freshman year, I used to get Jazzman’s every day at almost every passing period,” Liam Lewis ’23 said. “Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts pale in comparison, so I plan to get the delivery service on a regular basis when it opens.”

In addition to the delivery, the school is also constructing a Jazzman’s drive-thru near the football field. There will be only one Jazzman’s drive-thru location during this school year, but next year, Stevenson plans to begin construction on drive-thru locations in other towns, and possibly even states. This way, Stevenson students can continue their Jazzman’s runs even after they graduate.

The delivery and drive-thru services will follow many COVID-19 precautions to ensure the safety of the community. The employees making and delivering drinks will have to wear masks at all times, as will the students when receiving their order through the drive-thru window or from a delivery driver. 

Although the opportunity to get Jazzman’s during E-Learning is appealing to students, many teachers are concerned about how it will affect their students’ concentration during Zoom classes. Biology teacher Sarah Smith believes that having constant access to Jazzman’s will be too distracting.

“My students already don’t pay attention to me, out of all my classes I only have one student that actually turns in assignments,” Smith said. “If we introduce a Jazzman’s delivery or drive-thru service, my students will probably stop logging onto Zoom all together because they’ll be too busy eating.”

Despite the doubt expressed by teachers, many Stevenson students are looking forward to receiving Jazzman’s in a safe, socially distant way during these uncertain times of online learning.

“Having an opportunity to get Jazzman’s will make online learning feel so much more like a normal school day,” Adams said. “Getting Jazzman’s is the only important part of the Stevenson experience, so I’m glad that we will all be able to continue that soon.”