The Evolution of School: The Hybrid Model

Statesman highlights the positives of the new in-person learning opportunity

As of January 19, Stevenson students faced what can only be described as a monumental decision: whether or not to return to in-person learning as part of the second semester hybrid plan. A number of factors are at play, including how comfortable students feel around their peers and teachers as well as  the plans Stevenson employed to keep the student population safe.


There is no doubt that for many students, remote learning has been defined by struggle and uncertainty. It can be very difficult to maintain normalcy in a student’s life when there is no viable way to enforce the traditional school structure. Former aspects of a standard school day such as social interaction with peers are no longer present, which is why students are recommended to approach in-person learning with an open mind.


The hybrid model aims to alleviate these pressures by offering students a safe environment in which they can participate in a proper classroom. Statesman believes that both remote learning and in-person learning are equally excellent opportunities and that students are free to make their own decision to give the model a try based on their individual needs.


Stevenson has spared no expense in ensuring the safety of their students. Statesman commends the Stevenson administration for offering two opportunities for students to be challenged and learn: hybrid or remote.


For those who choose to remain remote, there are a number of reasons as to why learning in one’s home may prove to be more beneficial than attending in-person classes. While there are those students who require in-person classes to maintain structure in their lives, there is also a large portion of students that manage themselves perfectly well in the comfort of their homes.


It is also important to consider that regardless of the online environment, many students still find themselves having an excellent classroom experience through zoom. Regardless of the fact that they are behind a screen, it is important to note that there are still those students who have developed genuine relationships with their teachers and peers.


On the contrary, one of the most prominent developments introduced with the hybrid model is the opportunity to interact with peers and teachers in-person. Many students may believe that this is an environment that cannot be replicated from one’s home, while others are satisfied with their home learning conditions. 


The model hopes to supply students with an environment in which they can socialize with both their fellow students and teachers. Although hybrid learning isn’t to be mistaken for a standard school experience, students will still have the opportunity to communicate in a much more mild manner, such as speaking with their teacher after class or seeing their peers in the hallways.


Attending the hybrid model would mean having the opportunity to once again be on campus while also maintaining a restrictive setting that will keep the students safe. However, it is understandable that many students are not yet ready to return to school even with the new protocols, as they may have elderly family members that they wish to protect.


By attending in-person classes, students establish a routine for themselves, a concept that has been lost in the midst of remote learning. The development of a routine allows for students to actively participate in school in a more organized and punctual manner. Of course, there are already many students who find themselves immune to the distractions within their house and are succeeding with little to no struggle in the remote environment. 


One of the most significant motives to introduce the hybrid model was to properly address those who have been struggling with their mental health while confined in their homes. Students who have had a particularly difficult time adapting to remote learning for this reason may wish to try the hybrid model to determine if it will help alleviate stress.


Stevenson will avidly enforce the rules that have been established for the hybrid model and Statesman agrees that there is little concern that there will be a lack of adherence to the rules, as there will be constant surveillance by Stevenson security. There is confidence that the students understand the gravity of the situation and will closely observe all guidelines, although it is understandable that many will remain at home until a vaccine guarantees greater safety. 


Statesman respects that there be a diverse range of positions either for or against the hybrid model. It is highly recommendable that all students approach the model with an open mind and acknowledge its potential to establish normalcy by offering students a safe learning environment. It is possible that the hybrid model will be a much needed breath of fresh air (albeit masked) for those who choose to return.