Quarantine Fitness Tips

While the coronavirus may be prohibiting people from doing their normal workout routines, it’s still important to stay active. By exercising at home, you can improve both your physical and mental health.

Tip #1– Try to find time to exercise outdoors. If you have space in your yard, you can run around or play sports with your family. You can also still take runs or walks in your neighborhood—just make sure to stay at least six feet away from other people on the sidewalk.

Tip #2– If you’re not used to exercising at home, try to find something that you already like to do and turn it into a fitness activity. Dancing, playing catch, and running around with your dog are all fun activities to help you stay active. You can stretch or do push-ups while watching TV; even the small things matter.

Tip #3- If you want to exercise but don’t know where to start, try checking social media for workout ideas. Look for hashtags #workoutchallenge, #fitnesschallenge and #indoorworkout on Tik Tok or Instagram for some inspiration.

Tip #4- Remember that staying healthy is not only about exercising. Make sure you’re maintaining healthy habits by keeping a balanced diet, following your normal sleep schedule, and drinking water throughout the day.

Tip #5- Try getting your family or those living with you to exercise too. Workouts can be a lot more fun when you’re doing them with other people, and you and your family can encourage each other to continue with exercise.

Tip #6- While we are all at home staying healthy, it is a great time to look up healthy recipes or alternatives. With Pinterest or Instagram, it is easy to find nutritious recipes to try, including drinks and snacks. 

Tip #7- YouTube is a great place to look for health-related concepts. Whether it is looking up new recipes and diets or researching at-home workouts with no weights and on the floor. Some popular fitness YouTubers include Blogilates and Popsugar.

Tip #8- Whether you are starting your fitness journey during this time or continuing your journey, workouts do not have to be done alone or just with family. The Stevenson physical welfare department created an Instagram account @shs-pw with workout ideas. Not only that but the department has also created a schedule for students to tune into Zoom and do workouts with the Physical Education teachers. To see their schedule of workouts, go to the Instagram page.