Basketball game v. Mundelein Recap

Cheering fills the air as the Mundelein student section and the Stevenson student section compete, trying to be louder than the other. The game is tight, and just as possession flips back and forth, cheers from different sides of the stadium meet each other as the two conference front runners clash. 

Stevenson head coach Patrick Ambrose led the Patriots through a strong week of basketball playing 3 games in 5 days, winning all of them. 

The Stevenson Varsity basketball team (22-4) started off their campaign with a conference game against Mundelein High School. 

The Patriots had beaten the Mustangs at home 67-65, so the Valentine’s day rematch was a must win for both teams. 

Tensions were high in the student section as the first quarter finished with Stevenson in the lead. The Patriots held onto their lead in the second and third quarter, but the Mustangs tied it up right before the final buzzer. 

The Patriots rose to the occasion, beating the Mustangs 50-49. The game ended with a tense free throw that Evan Ambrose put away to win the game, as the Mundelein student section chanted “Daddy’s Boy”. 

The following day,the Patriots played Prospect High School (11-14) for a non-conference game. This was the first match of the season between these two teams. 

The game ended 60-40, giving Stevenson their second win in two days. 

On February 19th, the Patriots hosted the Waukegan Bulldogs (1-27) for a home conference game. The last time that the Patriots and the Bulldogs met, the game ended 51-29. The Patriots won the game with a whopping 64 points to 32. 

Two more wins were added to their record on February 22nd against Warren Township and Bennett High School while many other students were moshing at Winterfest. The Patriots currently sit in 15th place in Illinois and hold a record of 24-2. They lead the North Suburban  Conference.