Fast Forward Future

Stevenson encourages students to put aside homework for one night, plan for next year and post-secondary future

Beneath the mess of open textbooks and unfinished essays spread on the desk lies the new Stevenson coursebook. Jug-
gling the weight of schoolwork and extracurriculars often leaves no time for students to think about theiracademic future. To help students reflect in a stress-free environment, Let’s Talk About Your Future Night will be held on October 23.

Teachers will not assign homework this night, giving students time at home to discuss with their families how options offered at Stevenson can support their personal interests and future. Counselor Lindsay Perkins hopes that Let’s
Talk About Your Future Night will give students a chance to consider post-secondary plans in depth.

“We want the students to reflect on their own personal interests and be mindful of them in course selection while keeping balance and wellness at the forefront,” Perkins said.

This is not the first time Let’s Talk About Your Future Night would be implemented at Stevenson. Last year, Tyler Valeroso ’20 had discussions with his family, which significantly affected his senior course schedule.

“It helped me choose classes that are directly related to the majors that I was interested in,” Valeroso said. “Also, it helped me balance between courses that would expand my interests and those that would be more fun.”

While some students like Valeroso found the night helpful and effective in providing more information regarding their futures, others like Tiffany Lee ’21 decided not to actively participate. Instead of taking the homework-free night as an opportunity to talk with her parents, Lee used the time to catch up on unfinished schoolwork.

“Since I was only a sophomore, I thought I would have plenty of time to think about my future but not enough time to study for tomorrow’s math test, so I chose to focus on what I could control now,” Lee said. “Also, prior to talking with my parents, I wanted to independently reflect and research on my potential interests for the future.”

In order to encourage more students to partake in Let’s Talk About Your Future Night, Stevenson’s Student Services team has created a series of promotions to spread awareness about the initiative. This year, each student and parent will receive an interactive game via email to guide their conversation throughout the night. Although the Student
Services team strives to make the night a more engaging experience, their ultimate goal is to ensure that students have a better grasp of their future plans.

“It’s just nice to take a step back to slow down and reflect,” Perkins said. “Taking time to ask yourself what’s important to you is imperative.”