IT Chapter Two Review

IT Chapter Two Review

Hollywood loves its sequels. Unfortunately, too many sequels are created only to sell tickets.  However, there are the rare sequels that care about the characters and complete a compelling story.

“It Chapter Two” is like a firefly at night – rare and beautiful. The movie is the perfect ending to what began in the original “It.”

Beginning with an incident at a local carnival, “It Chapter Two” reminds viewers immediately how tempting and dangerous Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) is.  Twenty-seven years after the events of “It,” Pennywise is reintroduced to the audience, setting the movie in motion. Mike (Isaiah Mustafa) has remained in Derry while the rest of the gang began new lives all over the country. Although they may have forgotten the trauma of their childhood, Mike has not, and calls them all back for a final confrontation.  

Beverly (Jessica Chastain), Bill (James McAvoy), Richie (Bill Hader), Ben (Jay Ryan), Eddie (James Ransone), and Stanley (Andy Bean) all deal with Mike’s call in their own ways, but the Losers Club is reunited in Derry to battle Pennywise. Armed with Mike’s research, they work to save the next generation from the deadly clown.

Director Andy Muschietti and writer Gary Dauberman continue their work from 2017’s “It,” building the world Stephen King had first imagined in 1986 through his novel.  The continuity in production makes the transition to twenty-seven years later seem natural. King himself referred to this movie not as a sequel but as the second half of the original.

“It Chapter Two” maintains the terror of “It” while building more tension. The lighting and soundtrack create the perfect atmosphere. The audience knows that something unexpected is going to happen, and it is the suspense of what will occur at which moment that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. Each big scare is truly earned, and the screams come naturally. While the suspense has gone up, so has the gore and blood. “It Chapter Two” is not for the squeamish but for the brave.

While the audience may not have always connected with the kids in “It,” the trauma seen in the adult characters makes the events of the first movie more powerful. All the choices and sacrifices the Losers Club make become more significant and tragic. “It Chapter Two” moves more slowly, but that is not a flaw as the audience can easily see the scars of the past.  

As in any horror movie, the characters make some illogical choices. However, such mistakes are easily forgotten in the face of such a great movie.

But please, don’t follow fireflies under the bleachers.