Learning about Tinkle Times

Members learn about writing for Tinkle Times from Student Council leaders. The leaders are responsible for helping students and planning each Tinkle Times issue.

While most students see issues of Tinkle Times while going to the bathroom, they might not realize all the hard work that goes into creating each weekly issue. This Stevenson-exclusive project is spearheaded by Student Council’s student leaders, such as Allison Pokoski ’20.

Tinkle Times is Stevenson’s news source located inside bathroom stalls, and Student Council works on them every Monday during their after school meetings. The issues feature quirky holidays, sports games, club announcements, jokes, and a Student Council favorite: random students of the week.

During their meetings, groups of Student Council members are chosen to research the information that goes into the Tinkle Times. Previously, Pokoski led the group, organizing and formatting all the events onto the poster.  

“I like the creativity that I can put into Tinkle Times and make the information how I want it to be seen,” Pokoski said.

Just like other Student Council activities, Tinkle Times is student-led.  Different groups of student leaders and members work on the Tinkle Times throughout the school year.

“I think because different students build the Tinkle Times, it’s fun to see how they want them to be,” said Student Council Co-Sponsor Molly Sponseller. “It’s fun to see their creativity.” 

Some members in the Stevenson community have enjoyed reading Tinkle Times.  Pokoski’s peers have told her about things they saw in the Tinkle Times and are surprised to find out she writes them.

“My APUSH teacher, Mr. Campion, is always talking about who’s the random student of the week, and asks if he can he be the random teacher of the week,” Pokoski said. “He’s the one who keeps up with it and he’s like, ‘good Tinkle times this week.’ It feels good to be recognized like that.”

Student participation is one of Student Council’s main goals. On their page in the school website, it says “Student Council is the major vehicle for communication between students, the Board of Education, and the administration.”

Student Council is committed to finding more and more ways for students to be informed, and their solutions do not stop at Tinkle Times.  Pokoski says that Student Council is currently thinking of ways to get more of the Stevenson community involved, such as creating a random teacher of the week section so teachers can participate too.

“I think that a lot of students don’t go to school- sponsored events because they don’t know when they are or where they are,” Pokoski said. “I think Student Council helps bring kids together and feel a greater connection to the school.”  Student Council is responsible for events such as Stevenson’s annual homecoming and Winterfest dances.