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In 1992, the Stevenson community came together to hang all of the countries in the United Nations, then at 166, in the West Wood Commons in order to promote the importance of world peace and understanding. To celebrate this year’s World’s Fair, Statesman presents Connect-A-Country! Solve each clue below and locate the corresponding country’s flag hanging in the Wood Commons. No flag should be used twice. (A piece of advice: the flags are hung alphabetically from A to Z.) Connect each set of flags in the order given to form a letter. Solve all six sets of clues to get this puzzle’s six-letter answer.


Set One

Dot 1: Kennedy said he came from this country’s capital, not that he was a dessert

Dot 2: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s home country

Dot 3: Country that a bottled water brand named itself after

Dot 4: Location of the Nazca lines (pictured below)

Dot 5: Sovereign country whose flag is called the Union Jack; combines elements from the flags of the countries comprising it

Dot 6: Place where local specialties include tamales, chilaquiles, or guacamole


Set Two

Dot 1: Country in-between Russia and China

Dot 2: Change two letters in the word BANANA to get the name of this country (Hint: It’s not THE BAHAMAS or PANAMA)

Dot 3: Country known for its tulips

Dot 4: 日本

Dot 5: The heritage and culture of this country’s people are celebrated every March 17th.


Set 3

Dot 1: This country is well-known for inhabiting tigers, horses, oxen, goats, monkeys, rats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, roosters, pigs, and dragons.

Dot 2: The only country in the world that begins with the letter ‘Q’

Dot 3: If one drove from one end of this country to the other, they would have crossed eleven time zones to get there!


Set 4

Dot 1:


Dot 2: This country’s forefathers became the namesake of the Minnesota football team (HINT: Not Denmark or Sweden)

Dot 3: This country’s flag arguably “waves” the highest at an average height of 238, 855 miles high

Dot 4: Country celebrated on Pulaski Day

Dot 5: Unscramble the letters: MIDOCANNI BLURPEIC


Set 5

Dot 1:

Dot 2: The second-most populated country in the world

Dot 3:                                                     




Dot 4: Has Jerusalem as its capital

Set Six

Dot 1: Largest country in South America

Dot 2: Country known as the Land of Roses

Dot 3: The birthplace of Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Ian Thorpe

Dot 4: Place where you would have to dig to make a hole to China

Dot 5: Despite its name, permafrost only covers 8% of this country’s surface.

Dot 6: The world’s largest archipelagic country

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