Shrek Preview

What does the cast say?
Fiona understudy

Tessa Kim '20

“Understudies are there for rehearsals if a cast member can not make it. We go to all of the rehearsals and watch how our respective actors create their role, so we are ready to fill the role if they are not there.”


Skylar Waldron '19

“I thought making the Instagram account would be a fun way to raise awareness for the show.”

Catching up with the crew:
Student director

Abby Sokol '20

“My role is to help with blocking, do research and add our own contributions when needed. I am there to support and add on to what the director has to say.”

Sound designer

Fil Granicnzy '19

“I am responsible for anything involving sound. I collaborate with the costume department, Pit and house managers a lot.” 

“The whole thing is like a Broadway show. We use as many mics as we can to make it sound like a live orchestra. We want the sound to feel natural.”

Assistant stage manager

Ava Johnson '22

“My job is to know the play like the back of my hand. If something goes wrong, I will put in something that will fix it.” 

Performing with the Pit:

Peter Dziaba '19

“The music is very jazzy and fast-paced, which makes it fun to play and listen to. Once I listened to it, I knew Pit Orchestra was something I wanted to do.”

Pit Orchestra director

Anthony Krempa

“The show gives you fan service, but you also get this original music that is really great. The new music avoids retreading old ground, which presents these really cool new opportunities.”