Full time student, full time athlete

Full time student, full time athlete

Whenever Spencer Guercio ’18 puts on his green and gold, he feels a sense of pride. Hours of practice and hard work have been spent preparing for each meet or competition. It is these hours that enable Guercio to represent Stevenson as either a runner or swimmer.

Guercio participates in a sport during each of Stevenson’s three athletic seasons: cross-country in the fall, swimming in the winter, and water polo in the spring.

Due to the daily practices, the teams have many opportunities to bond. “Everyone really cares for you-it’s basically a family,” Guercio said. He also commended the coaching staff for their role in creating a supportive and welcoming environment.

During swimming and water polo seasons, practices are held every afternoon until six or 6:30, and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 5:45. Cross-country practices are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons as well as Wednesday and Friday mornings. According to Ari Machtinger ’18, another member of the cross country team, Guercio is very focused during these daily practices.

“I admire his dedication to his athletic passions,” Machtinger said.

The teams also have meets frequently. According to Guercio, there is often a game or a meet twice a week and conferences on the weekends. These weekend conferences can last anywhere from a few hours to the whole day.
However, due to the large time commitment, Guercio has had to quickly learn the value of time management.

“You really need to think ‘how should I do my homework?’ or ‘how should I study?’ [to get everything done on time]” Guercio said.

His coaches have always stressed the importance of grades, and Guercio is always aware of the fact that not passing five classes means ineligibility for sports. With his hopes of going to college on a swimming scholarship, Guercio knows that ineligibility is not an option.

Therefore, Guercio must work hard to make sure that his grades aren’t affected by sports.

“I know that academics come first,” Guercio said. However, even with his time management skills, he often does not finish his work until past midnight.

Despite the difficulties and stress that come with being a three sport athlete, Guercio is happy with his schedule.

“Stevenson is a great school to do athletics and get better,” Guercio said.