Rolling into the new year

Stevenson Boys Bowling has ambitions and a determination to reach them

Rolling into the new year

Zack Singer’s ‘17 idea of sports practice is a little different than that of other athletes. There’s no running or swimming involved, and Singer usually doesn’t sweat too much. However, the one thing that remains the same across the board is his dedication and commitment.

For Singer, bowling is not just a hobby––it is a way of life. He started bowling competitively four years ago and has not stopped since. While preparing for last year’s State Championship, he practiced for seven and a half hours a week. Though he won State, Singer says that his commitment has not changed.

“I’m going to try and focus on helping the team succeed, without worrying as much about myself,” Singer said. “I think we can go back-to-back this year.”

This view is also held by other members of the boys’ bowling team. While the team came first in state last year, they are always looking to get better.

Gabe Gordon ’17 also at competed at State last year. Gordon had never bowled competitively before, but decided to give it a shot during junior year.

Gordon is an extremely committed member of the team, and hopes to push himself farther this year. To accomplish this, he practices for over seven hours a week.

“If I shoot the way I normally shoot, and so does everyone else, we shouldn’t have a problem,” Gordon said. “So holding up my end of the bargain is my goal for this season.”

Boys Bowling dealt with a coaching change before last season. Singer and Gordon believe that the change helped.

Singer said that the new coach, Cody Mathias, has a deep understanding of competitive bowling due to his 12 years of experience, which included collegiate experience and two years of coaching at Antioch High School and at Bradford High School in Wisconsin.

Last year was Mathias’ first time coaching the Stevenson boys’ team. Matthias said that he is still awed by the talent and dedication of the team and knows that they have a lot of potential.

“These kids, they really want to do this,” Mathias said. “They have the drive to be better, and they are always looking to improve.”