Finals before break

Stevenson holds finals before winter break for the first time

This year, for the first time in Stevenson history, finals were held the week before winter break.

For the last 51 years, Stevenson students have been studying the last week of the semester for the finals that come immediately after a two week long winter break.

“It’s rare that I’ll end up picking up a textbook or even glance at my backpack until at least a week and a half into winter break,”  Kayla Rubalsky ’19 said. “Procrastination is a [pain] when you’re given two weeks to goof off, and by the time I do attempt to study, I’ve already forgotten the material.” Recognizing the dilemma at hand for some students, the school took action.

Although this change was widely favored amongst the student body, some complications arose out of the schedule change. These complications include giving teachers an entire week after break to finish grading, which keeps some students from knowing their exact grades for a full three weeks after the end of the semester has already finished.

“I don’t know what my grade is in half of my classes,” Rubalsky said.

The extension of grading time worries some students due to the method of procrastination much of the school’s population partakes in. Although some teachers may take their time with the grading process, others tend to agree with the concept of a stress-free break.

“I don’t want to have to think about grading tests during break,” math teacher LouAnn Tollefson said. “I’d rather get it all out of the way beforehand, for myself and for my students alike.”

Despite the few issues present, multiple students agree that this change is for the better. Although there’s less time for students to “study,” the change provides them with the ability to regroup and rest before the start of second semester.

“I hope the school continues this method,” Rubalsky said. “The less time I have to forget, the better I perform.”