New Gradebook app released

Stevenson student creates app that upgrades how to check grades

A new app has been created to help students understand their grades better. The Gradebook app, created by Ali Rahman ’18, allows students to figure out how future scores from assignments and assessments impact their current grades. This is a feature that Infinite Campus does not currently have.

The app is not only for Stevenson students; students across the nation can download it, enter their username and find their grades. As long as a school uses Infinite Campus, then the students at that school can use Gradebook.

The Stevenson administration has not been officially contacted about the app, but Rahman said some of the teachers know about it.

“Some teachers are annoyed by the feature that shows hidden grades [grades that teachers do not want released yet] before they want the students to know,” Rahman said. “Teachers are not supporting the app 100%, and I think that is because of the absence of a hidden grade feature.”

The app is currently available for iOS devices as well as Android. Aditya Mansharamani ’18 and Pranav Putta ’20 made the Android version, while Rahman created the iOS version.

In addition to a lack of strong support among Stevenson teachers, Rahman said there is also some confusion regarding the app’s purpose.

“The number one thing that is misunderstood about our app is that we are not replacing Infinite Campus,” Rahman said.  “We are simply adding on to what their app does.”

According to Rahman, he did not need Stevenson’s permission to make the app because his app is affiliated with Infinite Campus, not an individual school.

Rahman’s goal is not for his app to come massively popular; rather, his purpose was simply to find a solution to a common problem students face. Eshana Vora ’18 is one of those students.

“I think it’s an extremely helpful app that goes beyond the simple functions of Infinite Campus,” Vora said. “I would recommend it to all students because it has the ability to predict our grades based on assignments that our teachers haven’t put in yet, and that reduces a lot of the uncertainty surrounding our grades.”

Rahman has constantly made adjustments to the Gradebook app, but this is not the first app he has created. This is the app that he takes the most serious, though.

“It was interesting to create an app that builds upon an app my school uses,” Rahman said.