Student guitarist rises to prominence


Throughout his life, music has been in his blood. At age four he started playing piano, which is where his music career began, playing alongside with his brother. He spends the same amount of time a normal high schooler spends on homework each day expanding his musical identity and making a name for himself. This is Spencer Rabin ’17, a newly featured guitarist by the well known guitar magazine, Guitarworld, on Jan. 6.

Spencer has begun his career as a guitarist and that has been his upbringing into music. Some of those he finds as his inspirations, at least with playing guitar, were Joe Bonamassa and Zakk Wylde. Both worked hard to work themselves from the bottom to where they stand now.  However, Rabin is far more than just a guitarist.

“I want people to know I’m so much more than just a guitar player,” Rabin said. “I like doing K Pop demos for guys, though it’s not challenging but it’s a lot of fun, you’d be surprised.”

Rabin has been putting himself out online as much as he could, sending emails, helping producers in any way and spending hours every day producing his own music. One of his inspirations, music teacher and bass player, Geoff Shell, has helped him network his material all over, even helping set up Rabin’s own website.

“Spencer [Rabin] was my first music student back in 2009 after Rachel Rosenberg recommended me to Spencer right away, because their family needed a private teacher for him,” Shell said. “I am really happy for him and I knew getting himself out there would be beneficial for him.”

Rabin has a very unique, quick however melodic rock/blues sound to the way he plays guitar. Even though he has a huge passion for playing the guitar, he as well has picked up producing music too, mostly his own sound.

“Guitarworld did not necessarily reflect how I am musically,” Rabin said. “There are a lot of aspects of producing that are a lot more complicated than you would think. It’s its own type of art form, it’s different. It is underratedly difficult. There are a lot of things that people do not understand which makes people who produce pop music extremely talented. It is something I would love to pursue as a career.”

One person who he has been alongside him for help and influence is Jordan Rabin ’17, his twin brother. Jordan has helped Spencer by listening to some of Spencer’s creations and giving his own, personal feedback. So, for someone who sees Spencer everyday, Jordan knew that it made sense that Spencer would be noticed.

“It was not a surprise to me that Spencer made it onto the website.” Jordan Rabin said. “He went from self teaching to lessons by a professional, then he started to expand his horizon not just with guitar, but with music production and all that basically led into full written songs that were written and produced by him, eventually being picked up by magazines like Guitarworld.”