Stevenson opens Spanish National Honor Society Chapter

Aman Grover, Managing Editor of Production

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Spanish National Honor Society, a club that is nationally chartered with chapters in high schools across the nation, has recently become available to Stevenson students.

Stephanie Roatis ‘15, co-president of the club, wanted to bring the Stevenson Spanish curriculum to a full circle by connecting what students learn in the classroom with leadership opportunities.

The club seeks to promote Spanish culture. Membership is currently open to Seniors who have taken four years of the language and earned no grade lower than a B+ for each semester. Juniors may be able to join in the future.

“We are finding leaders in the Spanish community by searching for students who performed well in Spanish to hold a position of leadership and demonstrate their passion for the language” said Roatis.

The club also revived the Spanish Club this year, which differs from Spanish National Honor Society in that membership is open to all and that it seeks to simply cultivate interest in the language, as opposed to invigorating leadership within the Stevenson community.

Spanish National Honor Society will be having meetings once a month and will be hosting events every two to three weeks. These events are intended to promote the Spanish culture throughout Stevenson and generate more interest in the language.

“On Tuesday mornings, we plan on having a ‘Spanish Cafe’ in the Lower Glass Commons where students can  converse in Spanish with qualified student tutors,” Roatis said. “It will be really beneficial for the students because most of them can’t practice speaking at home, and they won’t have the pressure of a test.”

Spanish National Honor Society offers up to $20,000 in scholarship money to members across the nation who are believed to are believed to have demonstrated exemplary leadership.

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Stevenson opens Spanish National Honor Society Chapter