Top ten dumb things your family says and does on Thanksgiving

  1. “I thought you were supposed to gain the freshman 15 during college, not before!”
  2. Someone tells a story about how in their day and age, they talked to people in person and not through “those stupid screens that cause nothing but trouble.”
  3. Your parents ask if anyone has “room” for dessert after dinner and someone replies with “I should have brought my buffet pants!”
  4. “Do you like Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter?”
  5. The amount of times you’ve had to repeat where you’re applying to college has made you lose your motivation to apply anywhere.
  6. “Have you seen that minions movie?” said someone who doesn’t remember how old you are but is stuck sitting next to you at the dinner table.
  7. “Did you hear Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got a divorce?”
  8. Your grandma brings cranberry sauce for the fifth year in a row even though no one has ever touched the sauce.
  9. That one cousin you only see during holidays who hasn’t gotten over their emo phase asks if you want to listen to a song by a band you’ve “probably never heard of before.” Said band is Fall Out Boy.
  10. Your uncle makes sure everyone says a prayer before eating even though none of you have stepped foot in a church since the 90’s.