Senior Column: You can finally park here

Brenda Reyn

Congratulations. You’ve finally made it. You’re on top of the food chain. No longer can any student curse under their breath, calling you derogatory names such as “freshman” or “underclassman”. It is now your turn to make other students in the hall uncomfortable. It is now your right to claim anything as yours and use “senior privilege” as a fastpass. Really, everything and anything is yours. Point table? Yours. Last chair in the wood commons? Yours. Cake decorating for Odyssey? Everything from here to the horizon, Simba—it is all yours.

However, don’t let all this power get to your head. We still have to bow down to Stevenson’s rule. Even though purple passes are a sign of honor and respect, we cannot let the dean’s office become our second home again. Besides, racking in all those LOP’s may spell bad news for us. You might end up missing out on standing in line for the majority of your only free period at Chipotle or awkwardly watching two kids from your calculus class dance during homecoming. Besides, no one can deny the satisfaction of standing in the senior section at football games. That is, if you like standing by the railings while a couple hundred of your classmates are jumping over you and shoving you out of the way of a game you don’t understand. But who cares, at least you can finally park on campus—that is if you wake up early enough to find a spot that isn’t in the back corner of parking lot Z.

Seniors, regardless of how terrible or lame you think Stevenson is, let it be known that this is the only senior year of high school you will ever get to experience. I know right now you’re probably thinking that nobody has the time to actually enjoy senior year—that’s left for second semester. Even though you’re a mess from filling out brag sheets for your letters of recommendation or scavenging for random awards or nominations you got freshman year to add to your common app, senior year is still your year. This is the last year before we all enter adult lifeor for many of us go back to being called “freshman”. Take a moment to put your feet up on the table when the ILC ladies aren’t looking, or simply just walk down the halls like you own the place. This is finally our chance to live on the top and make our mark. It’s your time now, class of 2016. Make it memorable.