Q&A with Sergio Cabrera

“Happy Circle Drive Guy”. “Mr. Smiles”. “Peace Sign Man”. “Sodexo Friend”. No matter the rain, the snow, the heat, the cold, he is at the circle drive every morning, every week, every year. He is not just there conducting traffic, but he is always greeting you, always smiling, always waving--and he is doing all of this not because he HAS to, but because he WANTS to. His name? Sergio Ricardo Cabrera.

I worked for Sodexo for 10 years and started working at Stevenson in 2009, so I have been here for 9 years.

For me, I work every day. I work at Stevenson and I work at another job. For me, my day starts at 5 in the morning until 11-12 at night- all working. I get here at 6 in the morning and leave at 2:30. Then I go to a middle school in Deerfield for cleaning until 11. Every day Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday.

Yes and no. For example, today yes I am tired and feeling down… but for me and my family, I want to work.

I always smile. I like the people. When I smile in the morning, I don’t know, it is good for others, it is good for me, it is good for everybody. Saying “hi” and “good morning” I like it. 

If you work here in the early morning, it is very difficult. But it’s okay, I like it. I don’t know, every day is good and is happy. Every day is very happy, and it’s good to smile. I like it for the people.


Well, kids no, not anymore. My oldest son is 34 years, my second son is 26, my daughter is 22 and my youngest son is 17. For the summer, my son works at Stevenson.

I just say “hi”. *waves to teaching passing by, ”Good morning Mari!”

Yo trabajo por mi familia, por mi dio, por gente. Me gusta trabajo, me gusta la gente, saludar la gente, me gusta tener amigos. Yo conozco mucho gente. Si me lo permiten, quiero trabajar por todo anos. Mis compañeros trabajan aquí treinta años, trenta y cinco años. Me siento bien. Me gusta. Me gusta toda. Me gusta trabajo, me gusta aprender.
I work for my family, for my God, for people. I like to work, I like the people, greeting the people, I like having friends. I know a lot of people and if I am allowed, I want to work here for as long as I can. Some of my co-workers have worked here for 30-35 years because Stevenson is a great place. I feel good, I like it all: working, learning, everything.

Que deje atrás lo malo y centran en la bien… Dejar el malo y comenza dia bonito. Y hacia un “hi”, o “hola”, o una sonrisa. Había un hijo y su mamá, que dijo “gracias por sonrisa en la mañana, porque cambia mi dia.” 
I would tell the student to leave the bad behind and focus on the good- start your good day. Say a “hi”, a “hola”, or give a smile. There was a mom and her son who said: “Thank you for your smile in the morning because it changed my day.”

Será positivo, seguir adelante tus metas, y tener presente tus ideas tus metas y hacer que puedas. Dar el mejor para mi. 

To be positive, and go ahead with your goals. I hope I keep my goals in mind and make it possible – I give all that I can.

Inglés, sin duda. Mira, en mi trabajo aquí, todo habla espanol, y no lo practico. En mi otro trabajo, todo es hispanic y no hablo mucho con gente en inglés. Pero, vivo en los estados unido, la lengua es inglés no es espanol. Es difícil para hablar, me pongo en nervioso por hablar son americanos. De hecho, mi hijo, no le gusta espanol. Habla mas ingles que español y por eso quiero mejorar. Mi ingles no es good y quiero practicar porque abre puertas para mi- yo puedo hacer un mejor trabajo.
Without a doubt, English is a challenge for me. At my job here and at my other job, I always speak Spanish so I don’t get to practice. However, I live in the United States and the language here is English, not Spanish. It is difficult to speak, and I get nervous. I know that my English is not good but I want to practice because it will open doors for me.

Yo solo doy lo que tengo y lo que tengo es una gran amistad y un buenos días para todos. 
I only give what I have, and what I have is a great friendship and a good day for all.

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