Dean Bradshaw

That’s me!


Olivia Lamberti

Olivia Lamberti is a senior and third year staff member. When she’s not covering Stevenson news, you can find her at quizbowl practice or volunteering with the SHS Freshman Mentor Program (FMP).


Ani Nuthalapati

Ani Nuthalapati is a senior and third year staffer.  When he’s not working on the website, he enjoys reading and being a real-life meme. 

MAnaging Editor - print

Ellie Baden

Ellie Baden is a senior and third year staffer.  She was previously the Features Editor, and loves getting to write and work with an amazing group of people. Outside of Statesman, she participates in Model UN.

managing editor - print

Kendall Roberts

Kendall Roberts is a senior and third-year staffer. Her favorite section is opinions. Outside of Statesman, she runs for the cross country and track team and participates in Best Buddies.

business Manager

Ashley Mandel

Ashley Mandel is a senior and third-year staffer. Outside of Statesman, she participates in Peer Helpers and is the Senior Class Board Secretary.


Chloe Myers

I design stuff…I think


Cheryl Chen

Cheryl Chen is a junior and has been on Statesman for two years. Her favorite section is features. Outside of newspaper, she’s a member of the Wit (Stevenson’s literary magazine), Peer Tutors, Best Buddies, and FMP.

Social media coordinator

Adam Rosen

Adam is the social media coordinator, so when your feed gets filled with a bunch of Statesman articles, he’s the guy you complain to! 


Trisha Patel

ITrisha Patel is a junior. Outside of Statesman, she volunteers at elementary schools, and is a part of Rotary Youth club. She also likes acting and reading.

web editor

Christie Lee

Christie Lee is a junior and second-year staffer who loves writing for web.  She believes that being able to express her voice on various topics is incredibly important. Outside of Statesman, she is involved in clubs like Debate, Peer Tutors, and Science Bowl.


Raj Mullick

I am a bad man.


Dylan Hu

Dylan Hu is a junior and a second-year staffer. Outside of Statesman, he is on the debate team and enjoys reading the news in his free time.

Features EDITOR

Anjini Grover

I’m mini-Aman. Do you really expect me to have a bio?

Sports Editor

Adele Lee

Adele is a senior and third-year staffer. When she isn’t writing an article for the Statesman, she can be found watching the Office or hanging out with friends! 

Opinions editor

Ben Bowler

Ben Bowler is a junior and second-year staffer who loves writing anything in the Opinions section. Outside of Statesman, Ben is a percussionist, member of Student Ambassadors, and an avid movie-watcher.


Braeden Forman

Braeden Forman is a senior and second-year staffer.  When he’s not covering Stevenson news, you’ll most likely find him in the band room as he is a dedicated percussionist and musician.  Braden enjoys watching sports, writing, and making music with friends.


Sivakami Ramakrishnan

Sivakami Ramakrishnan is a senior and third-year staffer. Outside of Statesman, she enjoys being in ISA and Key Club.


Emily Lu

Emily Lu is a junior and first-year staffer. In her free time, she enjoys reading webcomics and doing word/logic puzzles.

STAFF reporter

Ojasvi Saxena

Ojasvi is the only reader of the Statesman website. But it’s ok, she more than makes up for all you slackers out there. 

staff reporter

Bella Schneider

Bella Schneider is a senior.  It’s her first year on staff but she loves to write and can’t wait to cover some cool news stories! Bella is also an FMP and avid member of her Jewish youth group and rotary youth club.


Caimin Xi

Caimin Xi is a junior. This is her first year writing for Statesman; however, she’s super excited to be apart of a something bigger than myself that keeps students updated about the community. Outside of Statesman, she love running, volunteering, and eating lots of ice cream! 

STAFF reporter

Bradley Locker

Bradley Locker is a current sophomore at Stevenson. This is his first year on the Statesman, and he adores writing for the Sports section. Other than the Statesman, he is a member of the debate and table tennis teams, partake in Sports Broadcasting Club, and is a Peer Helper.

staff reporter

Lily Jiang

Lily Jiang is a sophomore and a first year staff reporter. She is a passionate journalist, creative writer, competitive skater and an avid student!


Katie Lee

Katie is a sophomore and first-year staffer.  When she’s not writing for the newspaper, she likes to eat snacks and write poetry.  Outside of Statesman, she’s an oboist at CYSO and an editor for Polyphony HS magazine and The Wit.

STAFF reporter

Ayla Dursun

Ayla Dursun is a junior and first year staff member. When not writing for Statesman she enjoys spending time in nature and making jewelry.

staff reporter

Brare Thompson


Nellie Maloney

My name is Nellie Maloney, and this is my first year writing for Statesman. During my free time, I enjoy diving and spending time with friends and family. 

STAFF reporter

Stephanie Levitt

Stephanie Levitt is a junior. This is her first year on Statesman and she is looking forward to contributing to the newspaper. Outside of Statesman, she enjoys participating in Jewish events and helping others.

staff reporter

Alisa Mufti


Olivia Han

STAFF reporter

Melissa Liu

staff reporter

Alex Gergova

Alexandra Gergova is a junior and first-year staffer who enjoys writing and being able to collaborate with others.  Outside of Statesman, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Lola.  

STAFF reporter

Janice Lee

Janice is a junior and first-year staff reporter.  Outside of Statesman, she participates in Youth and Government (Judicial) and Model UN.  She also loves skiing, listening to music, and reading. 

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