Streaming The Latest

Comparing and contrasting some of the top monthly subscription streaming platforms for television shows and movies.
Elyssa Gavenda April 13, 2021

Streaming services have started to take over television. People are beginning to no longer pay for cable and instead buy smart TV’s that include several different subscription and streaming services...

First-Hand Fatigue

Staffer describes personal experience of having COVID-19, urges social responsibility amidst vaccine rollout
Ojasvi Saxena April 2, 2021

On Saturday, I got back home after driving one and a half hours to my SAT Subject Test center. I was more tired than usual, but brushed that off to taking the exams.  Sunday morning, I woke up with...

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Is this metaphysical musical narrative another white-savior movie?
Lily Jiang March 16, 2021

Besides probing out your brains trying to reconcile your Freudian repressed existential questions, through the limited language of animation, Peter Hans Docter’s Soul speaks directly to our society....

The SMARTDesk has adopted new safety equipment, including plexiglass, hand sanitizer and Clorox wipe dispensers.

The SMARTDesk Remains Smart

SMARTDesk Team remains open, maintaining safety protocols
Pooja Jain and Myles Woodman March 16, 2021

On March 13, 2020, while every Stevenson student and faculty member was heading home to attend school remotely, the SMARTdesk team was making plans to operate even during the pandemic, with numerous safety...

Adjusted Advisory

Advisory moves to only Wednesdays to accommodate hybrid schedule
Anika Krishnaswamy and Madeline Schmitke February 22, 2021

The smiling faces of Freshman Mentors (FMPs) greet Medha Mamidipaka ’24 as she logs onto Zoom for advisory. during her lunch period. Throughout the period, the mentors and supervising counselor provide...

Stevenson Sports Waiting Game

Q&A with a multisport athlete who reflects on the continual updates to the sports seasons made by Illinois High School Association (IHSA)
Serena Mehta and Advay Voleti February 22, 2021

Q: With new guidelines in place how do you plan to navigate both sports seasons? A: With the guidelines currently in place I would probably prefer lacrosse because of the fact that with wrestling you...

Bus Upon a Time: How Buses Work Will During a Global Pandemic

A look into what bussing will be like for the new Patriot Hybrid Schedule
Mackenzie Wren and Ally Flynn February 16, 2021

As the eighth period bell rings, students flow into the hallways; excited chatter bounces off the walls as they walk to their buses to head home after a long day of schoolwork. Buses were a way for students...

Summer Sport Seniority

Summer Sport Seniority

Staffer argues why seniors should play out the rest of their seasons after graduation
Matthew Mcgowan February 15, 2021

It all seemed like a minor setback on March 12. While it was disappointing that the spring season was suspended for two weeks due to the emergence of COVID-19, Stevenson spring sports athletes had already...

Testing the Trial

Stevenson High School teachers attend school early in preparation for school return
Lila Maiolo and Greycen Ren February 15, 2021

During the week of January 11, Stevenson faculty returned to campus for a trial version of the hybrid learning model. Although Stevenson opted for a purely remote learning model over the first semester,...

To Be or Not to Be (at Home): That is The Question

Students and parents voice their thoughts on the new hybrid model
Tia Vasudeva and Alison Wade February 14, 2021

Allison Gould ’23 wakes up to her alarm blaring at eight in the morning. She presses snooze for ten more minutes, falling back into her bed with a sigh. Class doesn’t start for 35 more minutes, and...

A New Normal

Stevenson High School administration leads transition to hybrid model following implementation of COVID mitigation strategies.
Sailaja Nallacheruvu and Jasmine Sun February 14, 2021

After completing the entirety of first semester in remote learning, Stevenson High School transitioned to the hybrid learning model on January 19, two weeks after the start of the second semester. The...

Full Cupboard

Biden Administration promises most diverse cabinet in history, is in process of confirming its picks
Thea Surya and Sophia Ismail February 14, 2021

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