How vast is the gender spectrum?

REVEALING IDENTITY.  Standing side by side, these students portray how individuals may consider themselves differently from societal expectations and restrictions.

Brenda Reyn, Graphics Editor

October 10, 2014

People are typically labeled as either male or female. However, often times, society tends to forget that as human beings, there is no concise or conclusive method of how to define us. Nothing is written in black or white; in fact, the world is filled with many gray areas. Nowadays, our gender identi...

Do social misconceptions affect life choices?

STOPPING STEREOTYPES. Picking up books on the field, Justin Stark ’16 breaks the social stereotype of athletes. Stark balances his sports and academics on and off the field.

Sabrina Szos, Staff Reporter

October 10, 2014

During the passing period, the football player makes his way past the cardio room and instead sits down in his advanced math class, waiting for the test that he studied diligently for to be passed out. Instead of cutting class, the lead singer of the popular student-made band cuts practice short to stu...

Does culture influence our beliefs?

Fathma Rahman, Managing Editor of Production

October 10, 2014

Too often, we find ourselves assuming knowledge about an entire culture based on misleading sources of information, be that the media or a misinformed friend. As a result, cultural stereotyping has grown. Culture shapes people’s attitudes about others, and because they have these attitudes, it influe...

What do physical societal standards say about us?

TRAINING FIERCELY. Smearing war paint on her face, Nikol Safronova ’17 doesn’t let her petite build keep her from lifting weights or tossing around a football. Despite the notion that certain physical appearances define what one can and can not do, many students choose to break from traditional boundaries and explore activities outside of their build.

Alexandra Shafran, Graphics Editor

October 10, 2014

Whether it’s posters of bodybuilders in the gym or photographs of a Chicago Ballet company, representations of physical stereotypes permeate our lives, clouding our heads with the rights and wrongs that we see, of what we are supposed to look like as men and women. As children, a simple trip to the ...

Freshman Mentor Program reflects upon advisory experience

Katy Roach, Sports Editor

October 3, 2014

Four days a week, a bell rings in the middle of 4th, 5th and 6th period. Depending on the period, either a large number of students suddenly spill into the lunch rooms and heighten the noise levels, or students retreat in a mass exodus, leaving the tables empty and quiet. Most often, these students...

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