Streaming The Latest

Comparing and contrasting some of the top monthly subscription streaming platforms for television shows and movies.
Elyssa Gavenda April 13, 2021

Streaming services have started to take over television. People are beginning to no longer pay for cable and instead buy smart TV’s that include several different subscription and streaming services...

CNN Goes Bankrupt

The 2020 election took its toll on the media giant.
Gaurish Lakhanpal April 9, 2021

The media giant CNN has filed for bankruptcy as of April 1, 2021. Many analysts have pinned the bankruptcy on the Trump Administration’s loss and the introduction of a relatively charismatic president....

A roll a day keeps the doctor away

A new condition renders students oblivious to walking.
Sabrina Xue March 31, 2021

Allison Wilson ’22 yawns as she wakes up from her 37-minute nap and leaves her sixth-period Zoom call. She sighs in relief and debates what to eat during her 15-minute break. Her parents remind her to...

Cheated But Defeated

Student fails English test even after using SparkNotes for answers
Vaasu Kakuturu March 31, 2021

While other students in his class stay up to frantically refresh their IRC page for updated grades as the clock strikes midnight, Ned Chetting ’21 is asleep in his bed. Confident in the answers he had...

Faculty members working in the ILC will be enforcing various rules to help students make online learning as normal as possible. The faculty members who will be entering student’s homes to enforce these rules, will be following COVID-19 precautions, such as 6 feet of distance between faculty and students and mask wearing.

School Structures in Students’ Homes

School rules will be implemented into students’ homes to make the online learning experience feel closer to learning at school.
Surya Sethi March 31, 2021

On January 8, Stevenson High School announced its plan for enforcing school rules in students’ homes. While in a remote learning setting, faculty members feel it is important for students to abide by...

Crash Course in Communication: Email Etiquette for Teachers

Stevenson Human Resources issue tips and tricks for contacting students during Remote Learning.
Helen Oriatti-Burns March 31, 2021

COVID Catch-Up

Stevenson student awakes from a four year coma, only to open his eyes to 2020
Mackenzie Wren March 31, 2021

When Darwin Daze ‘21 woke from his four year coma, the first thing he reportedly mentioned was that he was pumped to get out and throw himself a waking up party. “And yet, I woke up to a worldwide...

(Don’t) Sound the Alarm

Niche rewards Stevenson for lack of false fire alarms.
Kelly Liu March 31, 2021

Since March 2020, there have been no false fire alarms at Stevenson, a great deal of improvement from previous years. Stevenson’s efforts have been recognized by Niche, a site that ranks high schools...

“Music”: the Tone-Deaf Musical

Staffers review Sia’s failed directorial debut, time to do better for neurodivergence.
Aayushi Wadhawan and Kelly Liu March 18, 2021

For someone with nine Grammy nominations for songs discussing alcoholism and mental illness, nobody expected Sia to be tone-deaf towards the Autism community. Sia’s recent directorial debut movie “Music”...

2020 QuaranTrends

As Illinois approaches a year in quarantine, staffers review four popular 2020 trends.
Serena Mehta and Sailaja Nallacheruvu March 16, 2021

March: March, Myself and TV!  Around exactly a year ago, quarantine began in Illinois and most people were blindsided. With no plans and the fact that teachers were still trying to figure out how to...

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Pixar’s Borderline Descartes-equi ‘Soul’ Speaks to Society

Is this metaphysical musical narrative another white-savior movie?
Lily Jiang March 16, 2021

Besides probing out your brains trying to reconcile your Freudian repressed existential questions, through the limited language of animation, Peter Hans Docter’s Soul speaks directly to our society....

Stevenson Sports Waiting Game

Q&A with a multisport athlete who reflects on the continual updates to the sports seasons made by Illinois High School Association (IHSA)
Serena Mehta and Advay Voleti February 22, 2021

Q: With new guidelines in place how do you plan to navigate both sports seasons? A: With the guidelines currently in place I would probably prefer lacrosse because of the fact that with wrestling you...

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