It’s No Mystery: We Must Stop Avoiding the Intricacy in History

Statesman urges a more encompassing, current history curriculum despite possible challenges
Vaasu Kakuturu February 21, 2021

History classes consist of more than just the stereotypical memorization of dates and monotonous lectures; instead, they educate students on underlying political arrangements, economic conditions and power...

Politician, not Providence

Staffer discusses dangers of glorifying politicians, advocates for awareness
Collin Fan February 18, 2021

On January 20, Donald Trump's presidency came to an end. After over two months of conspiracy theories, violent protests against baseless claims of election fraud and a deadly riot at the Capitol, the Trump-election...

Testing the Trial

Stevenson High School teachers attend school early in preparation for school return
Lila Maiolo and Greycen Ren February 15, 2021

During the week of January 11, Stevenson faculty returned to campus for a trial version of the hybrid learning model. Although Stevenson opted for a purely remote learning model over the first semester,...

To Be or Not to Be (at Home): That is The Question

Students and parents voice their thoughts on the new hybrid model
Tia Vasudeva and Alison Wade February 14, 2021

Allison Gould ’23 wakes up to her alarm blaring at eight in the morning. She presses snooze for ten more minutes, falling back into her bed with a sigh. Class doesn’t start for 35 more minutes, and...

A New Normal

Stevenson High School administration leads transition to hybrid model following implementation of COVID mitigation strategies.
Sailaja Nallacheruvu and Jasmine Sun February 14, 2021

After completing the entirety of first semester in remote learning, Stevenson High School transitioned to the hybrid learning model on January 19, two weeks after the start of the second semester. The...

The Evolution of School: The Hybrid Model

Statesman highlights the positives of the new in-person learning opportunity
Humza Qazi and February 14, 2021

As of January 19, Stevenson students faced what can only be described as a monumental decision: whether or not to return to in-person learning as part of the second semester hybrid plan. A number of...

Free Advice for First-Year Student Applicants (FAFSA)

Seniors reflect upon changes of 2020-21 admissions cycle, offer application tips
Melissa Liu and Bradley Locker February 8, 2021

Intro Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned most of the world on its head as individuals, policymakers and institutions adapt to ever-changing safety protocols. These reforms are...

The Grammys Are Horribly Out of Tune

Discussion of recent controversy, irrelevance of Grammy Awards, proposition of possible solutions
Vaasu Kakuturu February 8, 2021

As I mindlessly attempted to keep up with my math teacher scribbling down notes at what appeared to be superhuman speed, a loud, sharp ding moved me from my trance. Looking up to gloss over the news notification...

Staying Social while Social Distancing

Two staffers recommend COVID-safe activities to stay socially active
Olivia Han and Lila Maiolo December 3, 2020

As always, make sure to check state and local advisories regarding COVID safety prior to any in-person gatherings. With social distancing guidelines in place, movie nights at the theater have become...

After The 2020 Election, How We Move Forward

Statesman urges unity, but also suggests ways for continued activism in a Biden era.
Victoria Feng December 3, 2020

Over the past few weeks, at least 62 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. voted in the 2020 presidential election, making it the highest percentage turnout in decades. In swing states, the race proved...

Statesman Course Recommendations

Staffers suggest courses, academic pathways for students to take
Anika Krishnaswamy, Bradley Locker, and Greycen Ren December 3, 2020

  AP Euro vs. AP Human Geo vs. Not Taking History AP European History: If you’re interested in history, make sure you take AP European History (AP Euro)! Although the workload of AP Euro is...

Reopening Readiness

Stevenson administration outlines reopening plans for second semester in November 9 webinar
Natalie King and Myles Woodman December 3, 2020

On November 9, the Stevenson administration hosted a webinar for parents and students detailing reopening plans for second semester. Principal Troy Gobble and Superintendent Eric Twadell led viewers through...

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