Statement Regarding Our December Print Issue: Disconnected.

In December’s Statesman, the staff intended to highlight certain areas of our school that need examination.  One area was the disciplinary action breakdown by student race – particularly the rates for our Latinx population.  Looking for a more complete understanding, the staff learned that nearly 75% of all disciplinary actions are attendance-related.

The staff felt that the racial disparity could partly be attributed to unconscious bias.  Moving past the simple reaction to blame any one part of the school, the staff wanted to encourage all members of the Stevenson staff to be more aware of any bias they may have in dealing with students particularly around discipline.  The staff’s editorial stance was that the disparity could be partly caused by a missing connection the school has not built with certain groups of students.  While the editorial went into more detail explaining this stance, the graphic’s wording did not provide the context intended: discipline is partly based on relationships.  Our issue title (“Disconnected.”) meant to help aid in clarifying that but obviously was not sufficient.

We apologize for the insult and harm this graphic caused.  We encourage all students who would like to express themselves to write a letter to the editor.  Letters can be sent directly to the Statesman adviser, Dean Bradshaw at [email protected] or dropped off at room 2514.  Many of the letters or excerpts of these letters will be published on our website and in future print issues.

The Statesman staff